GENERATOR REX “Waste Land” Review

Generator Rex

GENERATOR REX “Waste Land” Episode 23 – On a mission to recover a set of nuclear reactor cores from a research ship, Rex and Six encounter an advanced civilization of marine EVO. Setting Generator Rex underwater for a full episode presented Rex with a whole new set of challenges using his abilities, but it made for a fun and different experience.

The episode started off a little slow and when they first encounter Serg, the intelligent squid like EVO that’s running the show in the underwater paradise, the environmental talk is a little heavy handed. Once the action picks up, the pacing also hits a more natural stride. Rex has so much fun wherever he goes that it’s difficult to avoid getting sucked into his energy and this episode of Generator Rex was no exception.

Rex is so excited to be going on an underwater adventure and is thrilled at the sight of all the new crazy things he encounters. He mentions that being an underwater explorer has always been a dream of his and Six comments that he’s only had his memories for about 18 months. Rex retorts, saying that he’s a fast dreamer and while that might be true, I’d like to think that things like childhood aspirations and dreams are so deeply embedded into the intangible area off the subconscious that no matter how deep Rex’s amnesia and brain resets go, there are some things about him that just can’t be totally wiped. Rex wanting to be an underwater explorer is part of his personality as much as anything else and it was great fun to see him living out that dream.

The backgrounds for this episode of Generator Rex were incredible. Aquania, was drawn with incredible textures, gorgeous colors and depth. The blue crab people and the other living creatures in that area were mostly drab, but among such a vivid background, they all stood out.

As Rex was exploring the ship to recover the reactors, I was waiting for him to evolve a new ability under the extreme circumstances, perhaps one that would allow him to breathe underwater. Instead Serg appears at the last minute to save Rex as well as the reactors proving that cooperation wins out in the end. Everyone becomes friends with one another and both Six and Rex realize that they can not breathe a word about their adventures with the Aquanians to anyone on the surface. To protect them, Rex deletes all the hilarious photos he took with Serg before revealing that he took home a souvenir – a blue crab baby. I’m not sure how bringing home an actual specimen of these unusual creatures is any better than photos from Aquania, but Six didn’t seem to mind much so I guess the plan must be to keep it as a secret pet at Providence.

While this episode didn’t seem to link into the general plot of Generator Rex, it was still a fun episode to watch and the detailed undersea world of Aquania was totally a visual treat that I wouldn’t mind visiting again.