BEN 10: ULTIMATE ALIEN “The Eye of the Beholder” Review

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien

BEN 10: ULTIMATE ALIEN “The Eye of the Beholder” Season 2 Episode 2 – The second episode of this season’s Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, has Baz-El getting into a load of trouble when he goes a little too far in his planetary pocket plundering.

We get to see Julie right away with her beloved pet, Ship, who somehow hears Baz-El calling out in distress from another planet. The scene plays out like your classic Lassie episode and I suddenly find myself asking, how the heck does Julie understand everything Ship is saying? It’s not as if Ship is doing charades and she’s using simple deduction to figure it out. Ship is chirping and she can somehow figure out that he’s talking about Baz-El being in trouble and that he’s going out to save him. She figured out all that from his “ship-ship-ship.” How is it that she understands in great detail what he’s ship-shipping about but the rest of the characters are totally clueless? Maybe I missed that tiny detail when Julie and Ship first met but a casual reminder of that information would be helpful since it seems everyone else takes it for granted. I suppose it could just be Julie’s intuitive nature and it if worked for Lassie, I guess it could work for Ship too. Their bond is obviously special since Ship learns his second word “Julie” in a really cute moment at the end of the episode.

Ben’s ego is back in full force in this episode of Ben 10: Ultimate Alien. He and Julie have a quick tiff over their relationship status when she comes to ask him for help. They address the same issue that was brought up last week which confirms that their big blowout fight took place off screen. They talk about how Julie said that they “may as well be broken up” and how Ben had interpreted that as “I’m breaking up with you.” So again, Ben puts on his rude, stubborn attitude and Julie quickly becomes frustrated with him and gives up trying to talk to him. They’re starting to seem a lot like that couple that can’t ever be happy because they can’t figure out the basics of communication with one another. They both have some responsibility in how their relationship has soured and I hope they can figure it out soon because I’m not a fan of the bickering. I am, however, a fan of Ben turning to Jimmy for emotional support after their fight. That whole bit with Jimmy cracked me up.

Kevin and Gwen aren’t much better. While their relationship isn’t on the rocks in the same way that Ben and Julie’s is, Gwen is really snippy with Kevin in this episode and Kevin’s got his usual sarcastic smart-mouth attitude. In general it seemed that everyone was a little crankier and more irritated with one another than they are normally so there was a weird vibe between them all.

Once everyone is on the same planet as Baz-El, they deal with the native inhabitants and the Sentinel creatures that have come to life thanks to Baz-El’s meddling and fibbing. I like seeing Julie part of the battle with Ship and I like that she’s not timid or hesitant in battle. She doesn’t need to be told what to do to be able to contribute to the situation and because she’s very intuitive she seems to be able to offer some insight into situations that Gwen, Kevin and Ben might otherwise be oblivious to. I hope to see more of her featured in this way and participating in battles like this in future episodes. Maybe that will allow her to participate more actively in Ben’s life and in turn, Ben will come to appreciate her more. Ben does apologize to Julie for his attitude and promises to be a better boyfriend in the end, but we’ll have to wait and see if his actions speak louder than his words in later episodes of Ben 10: Ultimate Alien.