YOUNG JUSTICE “Infiltrator” Review

YOUNG JUSTICE "Infiltrator"

YOUNG JUSTICE -Season 1, Episode 6 “Infiltrator” Finally, enter Artemis in “Infiltrator” on “Young Justice” The cute bits before the main story was a fun contrast – poor Wally in school while the rest of the kids get a beach part outside their mountain headquarters.

Then, Green Arrow introduces Artemis as his new arrow-shooting protege and no one’s more suspicious that the former Speedy, who turns up now calling himself Red Arrow.

Protecting a female scientist from the League of Shadows, the team, split up, has to face these ninja assassins. We get some Robin- Superboy time; Miss Martian attemping to bond with somewhat standoffish Artemis. And then there are those League of Shadows ninjas, a pesky female one in particular. Why are a we not surprised there’s an Artemis connection?

Meanwhile, the team’s traveling finds Star Labs taken down and Robin pulling something in Gotham at Wayne Tech only he or Batman could’ve done. The on-the-move stashing of the scientist so she can work on destroying a nano cloud virus she was forced to create kept up the momentum. And then, faking out the assassins with Miss Martian masquerading as her? Nice.

Finally, it’s a welcome to the team for Artemis and a warning from Red Arrow to not hurt his friends – he knows something’s up. Plus, a League of Shadows – Cadmus connection at the very end.

“Infiltrator” showed the team continuing to jell under Aqualad’s leadership, even with a new member, though Wally and his Kid Flash powers still seem too underused. Nonetheless, “Young Justice” keeps on tapping into the best of the DC Comics universe – and that’s a good thing.