THE VAMPIRE DIARIES “Crying Wolf” Review


THE VAMPIRE DIARIES “Crying Wolf” Season 2 Episode 14 – Hold on. Hold the heck on, TVD. Where exactly do you think you’re going with Tywolf? I take issue with this. Bring him back!

‘Crying Wolf’ was a game changer episode. Previously the brewing battle had been a vampire-vs-werewolf affair that put the Scrappy gang slap-dab in the middle. But now we know that the werewolves are too weak to take part, which leaves vampires-vs-Scrappies. And that, folks, is an uneven match. The Originals, ancient vampires, have the power to slaughter the gang, Salvatores and all. Our Scrappies will have to fight dirty to win.

There’s a problem though and it’s one that is starting to bother me: why can’t Elena die already. Before you think I’m hating on the character, hear me out.

Firstly, Elena is the key to all of this. If she dies, there will be no more dopplegangers in her bloodline because there will be no more bloodline. Well, unless Isobel has any more kids stashed away.

Secondly, Elena isn’t fighting Elijah. She had an inkling that he wants her dead and she accepted it. Meanwhile, her friends are risking their lives trying to help her. Secrets are being kept on both sides, but while she knows from experience that they’ll do anything and everything to save her life, they don’t know that Elena is willing to just hand it over.

The Originals should consider enchanting a whole bunch of rings and tossing them out into the world. Get a ring, walk in daylight. Then just toss the moonstone into the middle of the Atlantic/a volcano and voila, vampires have the upper hand. (Yes, it’s an elaborate and off-kilter plan, but still.)

Of course, not killing Elena would mean Klaus not being weakened and Elijah not being able to kill him. It’s all getting so complex, isn’t it? And again I go back to ‘kill Elena and your problem is solved’. If Elijah doesn’t know that Elena is dying/dead, he won’t know Klaus is weakened and everything is status quo. Well, unless Klaus stays weakened and– oh, no, I’ve given myself a headache.

Back to the episode: Werewolves – including Tywolf – tried to get to Elena, but Stefan told Tywolf that Elena would be killed and Tywolf helped him save the day. Go Tywolf! (No, don’t go! Stay! Stay! Oh, shoot.) Werewolves also attacked Casa Salvatore, killing Alaric (he missed the entire fight before reviving – he’s Bella Swan, dudes) and roughing Damon up torture porn-style. Then Elijah saves the day, there’s some ho yay between the two vampires and all’s well that ends well.

This scene only served to make me like Elijah. You have to admit, aside from wanting to kill the lead character, he’s pretty epic. He kicks ass, says his piece and then leaves with a bounce of his awesome hair (thanks for pointing that out, Alaric).

The whole ‘Elijah has my sister and we can’t get her back unless we do as we’re told’ plot point is tired already. I don’t want to sympathise with Luca and his dad, I want Elijah’s entire team to be as cold and badass as him. Never mind, at least we got Witch B and Jeremy hooking up finally. I thought they already had last episode but apparently not – we got to see their first kiss and, okay, it was clearly timed for Valentines, but even I, the anti-Valentines ogre, did a little dance of joy. I love those kids.

I also love Kickass Caroline and The Human. While I’m glad they have a chance to work things out (let’s ignore the ‘baby, I’m a vampire’ issue that’s going to crop up sooner or later), I was sad to see Tywolf go. He has to figure out his life and learn about being a werewolf and that’s understandable, but I was hoping he would do that in Mystic Falls. Will he be back? We can only hope.

(Oh, and the news reporter is still alive and Damon’s pretending they’re all cutesy boyfriend/girlfriend, but let’s try one week without my eternal lust for Damon Salvatore being front and centre, yes? Yes.)

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