The Office

THE OFFICE “PDA” Season 7 Episode 16 – THE OFFICE this week was all about “PDA”. Holly and Michael are smitten kittens and can’t keep their hands off of each other. Which I have to say, I am THRILLED about.

However, not everyone in the office feels the same way I do, and with Michael and Holly’s incessant touching, flirting, and kissing Gabe has to hold an office meeting about PDA. In true Michael fashion, he and Holly end up being talked to again by Gabe, and he brings up some points that Michael hadn’t thought about – like Holly having to move back home.

Meanwhile, Jim and Pam went to a Valentine’s Day lunch and got WASTED. And Jim and Pam drunk are pretty adorable.

I think I really liked this episode of The Office because I just love Michael and Holly. I know that fans of the show are all about the Jim/Pam relationship, but from the second Holly entered the series, I was in love with Michael/Holly.

While the episode didn’t have a lot of laugh out loud moments, I love that Holly decided that the company wasn’t going to dictate her and Michael’s relationship, and that she was going to move in with Michael, regardless of her location in the company.

YAY Holly and Michael! This just solidifies my idea that they’re going to write out Steve Carrell with Holly’s help.

I also really, REALLY like Andy and Erin. While Erin is NOT my favorite character on The Office, she and Andy are so adorable together that the writers really need to get on that story line. Gabe is just deeply creepy as solidified by his air kiss to Erin. Creepy!

My favorite parts of “PDA”:

  • Holly: “Do you love me like ‘Oh, Holly – I love her!’ or… do you LOVE me love me?”
  • Jim and Pam: “There was bottomless champagne. . we never did find the bottom…”
  • Kevin’s funny faces to cheer up Michael when he thought he’d have to break up with Holly
  • Oscar: “Would you two just kiss already?!”
  • Overall I liked “PDA”, but again, am an advocate of Holly/Michael, which is pretty much what this episode was about. What say you? Did you like The Office this week?

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