THE BIG BANG THEORY ” The Benefactor Factor” Review

The Big Bang Theory - The Benefactor Factor

THE BIG BANG THEORY ” The Benefactor Factor” Season 4 Episode 15 – The guys are invited to a party by the president of the university to schmooze potential donors. Sheldon initially thinks it below him and refuses to go, but has his mind changed by Amy, who tells him that she has a Saudi prince as her donor (she and said prince are ‘technically engaged’.) By the time he arrives, the other guys have been terrified by a sharp, impatient older woman, Mrs Latham.

But Mrs Latham takes a shine to Leonard and asks him to dinner the next night – which ends in a kiss. He’s reluctant to go on a second ‘date’ but does it anyway – first for the money (which Mrs Latham admits she’ll give the university regardless) and then for the sex, because folks, Mrs Latham is just that good.

This episode seemed to fly by, which is good since it wasn’t all that enjoyable. There was (lame) sex humor, Sheldon videochatting with Amy, recycled jokes about Sheldon being crazy. It’s hard to pick out anything in particular that was bad about the episode because it was all just so weak. Even the characters looked bored senseless.

On the bright side, there were a couple of lines that made me smile, if not laugh:

Quote/s of the episode:

Sheldon: It’s a good idea, get your rest. There are a lot more rich old ladies out there and daddy needs a new linear accelerator.

Sheldon: “Oh, the humanities!”

Howard’s Mom-watch Nothing this week. 🙁

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