SUPERNATURAL “Unforgiven” Review


SUPERNATURAL “Unforgiven” Season 6 Episode 13 – On SUPERNATURAL this week, we got to see flashbacks of Sam’s life while Dean thought he was in hell.

Sam is sent coordinates to a small down in Rhode Island where he realizes that he and Samuel had worked a case during the previous year. When he and Dean arrive, Sam starts having memory flashes of the past. What we learned from Sam’s flashbacks? Well, little Sammy was a bit of a man whore.

Which does have a point to the plot – Dean discovers that all of the missing girls from the town were actually women that Sam had slept with; which makes Dean realize that whatever they’re hunting is out to get Sam.

What are they hunting? A giant man spider. My first thought was Shelob, but then I realized that the Winchester’s were dealing with something on a much smaller scale. After a few mishaps, one which ends up putting Sam in jail for a bit, the spider is killed, and we all go on our merry way.

Sort of.

What the hell were the last few seconds of that episode?! I’m a Sam girl (yep, I’ll label myself), so of course that ending killed me just a little bit inside. While I figured something like that was coming eventually, I didn’t expect it to be this soon after Sam got his soul back.

Regardless, “Unforgiven” was a great episode. It was less about the hunt, and more about the person that Sam was when he was hunting with Samuel. And the Sam that we saw was a totally different Sam than we’ve all grown to know and love.

Soulless Sam was hard, efficient, and did what he needed to do to get the job done. There was no nonsense while he and Samuel hunted, and he had no reservations of using civilians as bait.

I felt that this week Supernatural pushed the envelope a bit with Sam, especially in the scene when he and Samuel find the victims of the thing (I’m sorry, I totally didn’t catch the name of the creature) and Sam decides to put them out of their misery by shooting each of them in the head.

While I can understand wanting to end their suffering, the lack of any emotion from Sam was really difficult for me to watch, and I found myself turning away from the screen for that point. I even told my roommate “Next week really needs to be a throw away funny episode after this one!”; just to give the fans some breathing space – and that was before the fiery ending!

I really, REALLY enjoyed seeing more of Samuel. I think I might be in the minority of the fandom, but I find the Campbell’s fascinating, and while most of them have died or are now possessed by demons, I liked seeing that Samuel had problems with the way his grandson was acting.

Of course, sympathy goes out to Dean (when doesn’t it?). He told Sam they needed to leave town, not to go scratching at the “wall” that Death had put up, and what does Sam do? Like always, ignores his brother, does his own thing, and ends up seizing in pain on the floor, with visions of his soul being tortured in hell pouring back in to his mind.

It was almost hard to feel sorry for him.

My favorite part of “Unforgiven”? Sorry, but it’s not one of the boys (although the bathroom scene was incredibly yummy)! It would go to Samuel. When Sam told him he activated the GPS on the sheriff’s phone and Samuel yelled “In english?!”

Flame me if you must, but I do enjoy Samuel Campbell.

What did you think of Supernatural?

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