SKINS (UK) “Mini” Review


SKINS “Mini” Series 5 Episode 3 – This week’s SKINS focuses on the Queen of Queen Bees, Mini, as we get to know the girl behind the bitchy-ness.

I enjoyed this episode as we get to know more about the characters we meet fleetingly in each episode. Mini it turns out is not the uber confident style queen that she makes out to be but rather a confused, exercise obsessed, lonely girl with a border-line eating disorder. Too insecure to have sex with Nick she grows jealous of the more free spirited (if not slightly slutty) Liv.

My first impression of this series of Skins was that it was ludicrous and naff but as the characters develop it appears to be dealing with issues more firmly rooted in reality than previous generations. Losing your virginity, coping with almost crippling insecurity, jealousy and difficult relationships with parents are being covered each week.

Franky and Mini have a moment at the fashion show after-party, hinting at a truce or even possible future friendship. And as her only “friend” has just come stumbling out of the toilet with Nick, Mini may need all the friends she can get.

What this episode does well is show the vulnerability of a character that seems so together and collected – the girl that seemingly has it all is in an unsuitable relationship, with an uncaring mother and without a real friend to call her own – hence the attitude and need to control all around her.

The drug use is limited to the odd spliff. Not a Class-A in sight! The sex is more PG than X-Rated and what the hell was Kelly Brooke doing in there! And yet, I enjoyed it. It’s less polished or shocking and I look forward to learning more about the rest of the characters and how they mesh together in their rather odd group.

What did you think of the 3rd episode of Skins? Do you like the way this new generation is shaping up?? Let me know in the comment box below!