PARKS AND RECREATION “Ron and Tammy II” Review

Parks and Recreation

PARKS AND RECREATION “Ron and Tammy II” Season 3 Episode 4 – So, I laughed harder at PARKS AND RECREATION this week then pretty much any other shows that I watched combined. I hesitate to say that EVERYTHING about this show is funny, but there really isn’t anything else TO say about it! EVERYTHING about this show is funny, and EVERYTHING about this show works!

“Ron and Tammy II” once again features guest star Megan Mullally as Ron’s ex-wife Tammy. As we already know, when you pair Tammy and Ron, the situations tend to go… um… haywire? Bad things happen, Ron goes crazy, and they can’t keep their hands off of each other.

Ron and Tammy are brought together when Tom tries to date Tammy to get back at Ron for dating HIS ex-wife. Ron becomes lovesick over Tammy (leave it to Parks and Recreation to put together a Valentine’s Day episode where love really isn’t that great a thing!), and they end up getting married. Again.

This leads to a complete intervention by Leslie and the rest of the crew, mainly because Ron is scary when he’s with Tammy; and not at all like himself.

For crying out loud, the man had braided his hair. I laughed for MINUTES after that scene in the jail – especially when they asked him why half his mustache was missing. Oh my goodness… talk about over the top in the most amazing way EVER.

I almost fell off of my couch when they sat Ron in his office and played him the tape of himself that he had recorded to warn him about Tammy. There is nothing wrong with this show except that it’s over far too quickly.

In additional to Ron going insane by Tammy, April was enlisted to work for Chris, and he offers her a job when he moves cities. This doesn’t really leave Ann with a good taste in her mouth as Chris hasn’t spoken to her about moving yet… which just leads to more friction between Ann and April.

Even Ann and April were funny this episode, Ann’s lying to Chris to keep April employed with him were so out of character, but so warranted that I loved it.

Parks and Recreation is easily my favorite comedy on television right now. What about you?

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