OUTSOURCED “The Todd Couple” Review

OUTSOURCED "The Todd Couple"

OUTSOURCED “The Todd Couple” Season 1 Episode 14 – Since it’s Valentine’s Day weekend, all shows are doing their lovey-dovey episodes, and OUTSOURCED was no exception! Although I do appreciate that “The Todd Couple” didn’t overdo the holiday – there were still hints of romance in the air.

Primarily this week’s episode of Outsourced focused more on Gupta’s anger management issues in the call center. After noticing that Gupta loses his temper on the phones, Todd decides to try an anger management video on the call center to stress the importance of customer service.

Things don’t go as well as he hopes, and Gupta ends up freaking out on a customer once again, which forced Todd to suspend him for one week. Little does Todd know there are extenuating circumstances to Gupta’s anger, and things work out in the end.

While last week’s Outsourced was a little more on the serious end of the spectrum, it seems that this week things are back to their normal humor!

I found it very sweet the way Gupta looked for the similarities between Todd and himself once Todd found out the truth about his anger issues. Gupta is just a wonderfully funny, sweet, and indispensable character. Whatever he does, I find hilarious.

My favorite moments of “The Todd Couple”:

During the yoga video:

  • Manmeet “There is no such language as Indian.” and Gupta: “What the hell is she talking about?” AND Todd: “WOW! That was a lot less offensive when I watched it in Kansas. before I had any Indian friends.”
  • Gupta’s exit from the call center. It was so sad, so heartbreaking, but funny. Especially how he was holding the two little cats from his desk.
  • Manmeet: “Red Sox suck!” Todd: “. you just insulted the customer. And you say: ‘Yankees suck’.”
  • I just continue to love Outsourced each and every week – it’s frustrating to me that it’s only a half an hour long! Maybe we start a petition for longer episodes of Outsourced.

    What say you?

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