FRINGE “Immortality” Advance Review

FRINGE “Immortality” Season 3 Episode 13 Advance Review – We’ve seen how Olivia has been handling her return to our universe, but what’s been happening with Bolivia since she went back to the alter-verse? We find out in tonight’s episode of FRINGE, “Immortality”, and, after seeing an early screener from FOX, you will be sorry if you miss this great episode.

For tonight’s episode we are back in the alter-verse, and the Fringe team investigates a series of deaths involving bugs (yech!). With help from a close friend of Bolivia and enthusiastic fan of Agent Charlie Francis the team gets a lead on the bad guy. Unfortunately, when Bolivia and Lincoln check in on the bad guy’s lair, they may not check out.

We also get to see what Walternate and his team have been up to with the synthetic cortexiphan they created after experimenting on Olivia. The results of their experiments are surprising, but not as surpising as how Walternate decides to proceed and who he discusses his secrets with.

It is great to revisit Bolivia and the Fringe division from the alter-verse, as it’s a wonderful contrast to the characters from our universe. While I always enjoy Anna Torv, Seth Gabel (Lincoln Lee) is excellent tonight as we see how his character deals with new job responsibilities. The two of them have some great scenes in this episode, and you get a real sense of the friendship between them.

Can the Fringe team solve the case before it’s too late? Will Walternate try and take his experiments to the next level? Make sure that you stay for the whole episode; something happens that will change everything about the two universes.

Watch Fringe tonight at 9 PM on FOX, then come back here and let me know what you thought of “Immortality” in the comments section.

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