EAGLEHEART “Creeps” Review

eagleheart creeps

EAGLEHEART “Creeps” Episode 2 This week’s episode of Eagleheart took its inspiration from the standard crime scene investigation drama. It starts off with a lonely kid walking home from school who is stopped by a strange man offering him a ride home and promises of comic books in a stereotypical child abductor van with blacked out windows. The kid accepts the ride and a second later he’s actually dropped off at his home with no foul play. It’s not until a shiny semi-trailer truck pulls up next to the rusted old van that we realize the creeps are not the perpetrators, but rather the victims of serial crime. It’s in this way that Eagleheart once again successfully turns the crime drama genre on it’s head for the sake of parody.

As the episode progresses, we discover that the goal of our criminal this week is to turn all the male townspeople into creeps in an attempt to attain the sexual status of John Stamos. While Maria is driving through the town we get a peek at all the town freaks who have been turned by the Creepatin, and it’s a pretty funny collection of neighborhood crazies. It’s hard not to laugh at a dog in a diaper or a rotund man seductively dancing with a fire hose.

Chris Monsanto and Brett Mobley seem to be immediately affected by the Creepatin. Chris is hilariously transformed with his ridiculous wig now replaced by a blond comb over, glasses. The constant mucous and throat clearing and his new disturbing desires makes the creep transformation complete. All of the twists in this episode are played for humor, especially when we assume that Brett’s creepiness is enhanced by the additional Creepatin in his system, only to discover he didn’t ingest any of the tainted liquid and he truly is just a weird creep living in his mother’s house.

Brett’s character had some of the best lines of the night and his moronic plastered on smile gives him an air of idiotic naivete which makes everything he says and does comical. Susie Wagner pretty much solved the mystery through her own investigation. I’m still trying to figure out what her role in the trio is. She’s got some funny lines, so maybe she’s not the totally straight character. I wouldn’t go so far to say she’s the brains of the operation since she can be kind of ditzy, but obviously she did well tonight and totally kicks bad guy butt, so I like her.

I loved that at the end, firefighter Sam Drake opted to stay a creep – he’s seriously seemed like such a funny weirdo that I wouldn’t mind seeing his character make future cameo appearances around town. Unlikely considering he was t-boned by a speeding van in the very last scene. In any case, Eagleheart is still offering up lots of laughs and I’m already looking forward to next Thursday featuring what looks like steam punk, curled up mustaches and a jetpack. In other words, total win.