30 ROCK “Double Edged Sword” Review

30 Rock "Double Edged Sword" NBC

30 ROCK “Double Edged Sword” Season 5 Episode 14 – 30 Rock has had some great episodes in the last few weeks, but this one was probably the funniest half hour of television I’ve seen all year, and that includes Modern Family’s Croctopus. From the Brando acceptance speech parody when Tracy accepted his Oscar (“Tracy Jordan asked me to accept this on his behalf because his mouth is full.”) to the Canadian metric system, it was an episode filled with small touches of comedy genius culminating in two hilarious showdowns between Jack, Avery and a mobile meth lab and Liz and Carol on a plane with a gun and an old guy.

This episode was written by Kay Cannon and Tom Ceraulo and it was so seamlessly put together that it succeeded the Shakespearean style of layered and paralleled plotting it strived for, as well as being very damned funny.

Stunt casting like having Matt Damon on the show can be seen (because it usually is) as a desperate plea for viewers, but when it ends with Carol pulling a gun on Liz and screaming “I will waste you!” in the middle of an airplane as she grabs an old man lucky enough to get an aisle seat and uses him as her shield, you wish 30 Rock had desperate stunts like this all the time.

Jack and Avery’s fear of having their daughter born on Canadian soil leads them to volunteer driving a mobile meth lab across the border, as Avery puts it: “to Buffalo, and get this little bitch out of me”. Their desperation to get out of Canada (“Your milk comes in bags. Bags!”) was matched in hilarity only by their horror at the prospect of actually allowing their daughter to be born on Maple soil, or as Jack puts it: “Yes, my daughter is Canadian-American, but I will treat her as a human baby.” I think Avery and Jack’s ultra Republican, Reagan worshipping, perfectionist parenting skills should get their own sitcom. At least so the passengers on the plane have another failed NBC pilot to fend off.

Coming up with my favourite lines and moments, I could probably just copy and paste the entire script. Here’s a smattering:

The redundant nag gag was awesome.

Carol: “Look Liz, we have reasons for doing things the way we do them. We say half an hour to control the herds of walking mozzarella sticks that think that $300 and a photo ID gives them the right to fly through the air like one of the Guardian Owls of Legend … God that’s been our in-flight movie for months.” Props for getting the most ridiculous movie of the past year and repeating the full title at least twice (Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole)

Pete: “On D-Day, my grandfather wore a German uniform under his American one. Just in case.”

Meth dealer guy to Jack: “Those contractions are real? Because they sound very sitcommy.”

Jack, accompanied by Avery and the baby, after being informed that Canada pays for their health care: “Oh no you don’t! We will not be party to this socialist perversion. You will take our money!”

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