ROYAL PAINS “Astraphobia” Review

Royal Pains "Astraphobia"

ROYAL PAINS “Astraphobia” Season 2 Episode 16 – Lightning hits a park ranger who finds a spark with a storm chaser while Hank and Jill get stuck in a storm together in the “Astraphobia” episode of ROYAL PAINS.

The patients of the week aren’t the most exciting we’ve seen, even with the retrograde amnesia and super hearing, but they are two peas in a pod: lonely souls who look to nature for companionship. Jim Gaffigan is very good as the melancholy Ranger Pete, though it’s odd to see him so very not funny. I love his rule zombie story, especially how much more dramatic it is post-lightning strike. Soft-boned storm chaser Stacey (Hi, Jaime Ray Newman!) is an excellent match for him-she hears his carotid artery for goodness’ sake and there’s a nice lightning bolt/love metaphor. Pete just wants to be hit by lightning to be special, and Stacey shows him he is. Divya diagnosing Stacey with her body scan trick is a nice touch. “Wow. It’s almost like you’ve turned into Hank, except you say sh-edule.”

“Jank! Jank is back.” Are they, though? Yes, they fell asleep together, but I doubt it will be that simple. If they are back together, I’m fine with that and I hope it sticks because the on again/off again thing gets old. If they’re not back together, I’m okay with that, too, and I cast my vote for Tom Cavanaugh to come back. Plus it could be interesting to see Hank alone for a while-maybe even floundering a bit.

Evan and Divya get some quality time together this episode and it reminds me of how much I like them together. “Divya and Idiot: Didiot” Hee. I know that anything romantic happening between these two would be very far down the line, and I really enjoy Evan and Paige, but there are some terrific exchanges here and I especially like Evan’s “Damn the end of summer” Freudian slip and Divya’s compassionate response. Plus they (or at least Evan) play Risk and Irkutsk gets a shout-out. Oh, and not for nothing, but could Evan be given a smidgen of respect–to his face–once in a while? Yes, his storm plans were over-the-top, but it was a good thing they were.

Favorite lines:

“Evan, where would I possibly get lost? And why would I want you to be the one to find me? Oh, Divya, thou dost protest too much.

“If you were going to grab the power drill, I was going to scrub in”

“Maybe we should prescribe lightning strikes to all our patients.”

“Regarding your memorandum of two seconds ago concerning patient accounts-no.”

“You should be helping me batten down the hatches. We have hatches, right? I’m sure Boris has hatches.”/”Stop saying hatches. Don’t wait up. Just leave the front hatch open.”

“You want to play Risk? /”A board game?”/”You can have India.”/”Yay.”

“That is exactly what a teen girl sounds like. Maybe you should be watching Twilight.”/”Seen it. Team Edward.” See, I would have pegged him for Team Jacob.

“You’re harping and you’re bastardizing American history.”

“Shh. She’s a weather woman. Show some respect.”

There is both sweetness (patients of the week) and bittersweetness (the approaching end of summer) in this episode of Royal Pains and it’s a nice combination. That said, I would have happily watched an entire episode of just Evan and Divya.

What did you think of the episode? Do you think Jill and Hank really are back together? Would you want them to be? Let me know in the comments.

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