PRIVATE PRACTICE “Blind Love” Review


PRIVATE PRACTICE “Blind Love” Season 4 Episode 13 – I knew that we hadn’t seen the last of Lee and he returned in probably the most troublesome way possible. He comes back into Charlotte’s life and causes more trouble by making it possible for her to make the choice to kill him. It seemed like no matter what choice she made, she would lose. If Lee went out and hurt anyone else, she would feel responsible for letting him live but if she did anything to prevent his care and he died, how could she live with herself?

I think it’s easy to get revenge when it’s a matter of fighting back right there in the moment, but in Charlotte’s case killing her rapist would have done nothing. I practically applauded when she decided that he could do nothing to hurt her because he had no power over her and how, after making that decision, she finally started to feel like things were going to get better. It was truly an amazing moment.

My favorites bits…

Actually noticing that something looked wrong with that baby about 10 seconds before Pete did. Before that I was thinking how hard it would be to be a mom of a newborn and be blind, I hadn’t thought of the implications if something happened to the baby that you couldn’t see. So scary.

Liking that Pete’s first instinct was to offer to help the mother, rather than take the child away from her, as both Amelia and Naomi seemed to be suggesting.

Thinking that Coop put it perfectly when he said that he couldn’t believe Charlotte’s nightmare wasn’t over yet.

Addison’s cry that Bizzy had lost the love of her life and now she had lost her mother because of it. It’s sad to know how true that is.

Loving what Sheldon told Charlotte about not letting Lee take away what made her her.

Pete pointing out that the mother in law wasn’t the patient so Amelia didn’t need to pay attention to what she wanted.

Charlotte’s admission to Naomi that she missed the days from her childhood when good and evil were black and white.

Charlotte telling Sam to do whatever he had to do for Lee.

Charlotte showing her face to Lee so that if he died, that would be the last image she would see.

Complete shock when I found out that Pete had coached the mother into pretending that she had her sight back. Okay I don’t want the woman to lose her child either but I’m with Amelia, where do you draw the line?

Charlotte telling Lee that he had no power over her, he meant nothing to her and she forgave him. That. Was. Amazing.

Charlotte telling Coop that she was okay and her office was just her office now.

Oh man..poor Addison. I had a feeling that her mom was hiding something. I had no idea it was that she was planning on killing herself.

What did you think of this episode of Private Practice? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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