NIKITA “The Next Seduction” Review

Nikita (CW)-maggie q

NIKITA “The Next Seduction” Season 1 Episode 14 – What has happened to NIKITA from the first part of the season? Like last week’s episode, I found “The Next Seduction” to be a bit off somehow. It felt rushed, slightly confusing, and a hodge-podge of content. The dark and brooding tone of Nikita has become injected with CW-style elements. In my mind Nikita has always been more of a spy thriller, not the usual CW sex and party fare. The show has increased the focus on love and relationships (through dialogue and action) so much that I find it distracting. The plot has suddenly become secondary. Yet again like last week, tonight’s Nikita was still an hour of fun television that could hold your attention.

Ryan intercepts a Division-manufactured message about a dangerous cutting edge weapon. He asks Nikita to help stop the delivery; and she assumes a former Division identity to retrieve the weapon from an arms dealer. They find out that Percy set up the whole situation to trap Nikita. She enlists Alex to get information from inside Division, in order to get the dirty bomb away from Division. On the outside, Michael preaches to Alex about her inappropriate new life with Nathan.

Nikita is very vulnerable in tonight’s episode. There is a complete turnaround to how stoic she has been in the past. And I like her with Ryan more and more. He seems to show true concern for Nikita’s well-being and feelings. Yet how did their relationship progress so quickly? Nikita initiated the first kiss, but I would have thought that Ryan would be slightly wary of Nikita. I guess it’s the “honey trap” phenomenon that Percy mentions with derision.

Now I know why Michael is always in a bad mood. He has resigned himself to a life without any real relationships. He probably loved Nikita once; he had a wife and daughter once. Burned on both counts (in his mind), no wonder he tries to sabotage Alex’s friendship with Nathan. I can’t say that I am against this, especially since I am not feeling much chemistry between the two of them. Michael’s justification is that it is for the safety and benefit of Division. But with good reason, Alex has become more distracted living outside of Division. Perhaps this distraction is what I am feeling from the episodes thus far?

What did you think about episode 14 “The Next Seduction” of Nikita? Have you noticed any difference between the first and second parts of the season?