FAIRLY LEGAL “Bo Me Once” Review

Fairly Legal (USA) Bo Me Once

FAIRLY LEGAL “Bo Me Once” Season 1 Episode 4 – Kate helps a woman who ran away from home to get away from an overbearing father, only to have him show up in her life and ask for a part of the business she worked so hard to build. At first Kate has to help Beth work up the nerve to fight back but I like that in the end, Beth took it upon herself and told him to get out of her life.

Meanwhile Lauren is fighting a jerk of her own and does it really well, too. Sure she got hammered to do it but I still love that she didn’t back down from a client whose only reason for wanting to fire her was that she was a “girl lawyer.” The most hilarious part is that after she gave him a piece of her mind, the sumbitch may just end up keeping her on.

My favorite bits…

Yay! Lauren’s ring is back. I don’t know why they took away the Wizard of Oz ringtones on Kate’s phone (I thought they were hilarious), but I’m glad to see that Lauren’s at least is back.

Kate putting the exact same barbeque sauce into multiple jars and fooling everyone into thinking they were different.

Justin ordering Sam to sit his ass down. Whoa, who knew he could be a badass?

Justin admitting that, while his client was a prick, he didn’t know if he deserved 25 years to life.

Lauren sitting down at the table with Fisher, even after he fired her. Yay for her for holding her ground with the jerk.

Beth talking about the real Bo from her childhood and how things changed after the barbeque when everyone had gone home. Wow.

Kate trying to protect Beth from her dad by pulling a gun. I loved how she offered up various stories and asked him to guess which one was right.

Leo telling Kate that he had planned on tunneling through the next building to get Beth out, but going out the back would work.

Lauren calling Spencer in to help out with Fisher.

Kate not backing away from Bo’s truck. Heck yeah! What an a-hole!

Kate and Leo coming up with something that had Bo shaking in his boots. Ha!

Kate hitting Bo over the head with a stool. Nice!

Kinda giggling at Lauren calling Fisher unprofessional – while being drunk and slurring just a smidge.

Fisher deciding the he was starting to like Lauren, after she told him off. LOL.

Finding out that Justin did the right thing and filed the charges for his client as a misdemeanor.

Lauren calling Kate while totally loaded.

Kate very nearly setting the entire set on fire. Oopsie.

Spencer having to pick Lauren up off the street. LOL.

This bit:
Justin: “I’ll be smarter.”
Kate: “Justin, you can only work with what God gave you.”

What did you think of this episode of Fairly Legal? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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