CSI “All That Cremains” Review

CSI "All That Cremains"

CSI “All That Cremains” Season 11 Episode 14 – Did somebody change CSI into a character based drama and not tell me about it? “All That Cremains” marks the third week in a row that we’ve had a strong character concentration at the center of the episode. Two episodes we had the focus on Greg, and last week we got a good look at the backstory and relationships of Sara. This week we get to meet Ray’s ex-wife, Gloria.

Gloria is getting married to Phil Baker, played by Dean Norris of Breaking Bad fame. It looks like Norris will just be playing the “nice guy” role that he plays so well as Hank on Breaking Bad, but he probably won’t get anything else interesting to do. I’ve always thought that if he didn’t have Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston outshining him during Emmy season, Dean Norris might have had a few nods for his great job on Breaking Bad. It’s good to see that he’s keeping busy during BB’s long hiatus!

Anyway, this is a CSI review! I’ve just been missing Breaking Bad is all. There’s not much else to say about the rest of the episode. Christina Milian’s turn as Sydney Preston was underwhelming, which was disappointing considering I had a crush on her in American Pie.

Can we talk about the ending now, please? This was possibly the most unbelievable killer I’ve ever seen on CSI. Even if your dad got you REALLY mad, it takes some kind of psycho to feed him your mom’s ashes and cut him up into pieces. There was just no set-up to this ending at all, and no way for the audience to believe that this little girl would be capable of such a gruesome murder. Also, this priest living across the street seemed to notice everything happening at their household, so why didn’t he see the blood-soaked psycho dropping off several boxes of body parts in his front lawn?

“All That Cremains” ended up not spending too much time on Ray’s ex-wife, but it’s good that we’ve introduced the character of Julia and Phil for future episodes. Hopefully seeing some more Dean Norris on TV will tide me over until Breaking Bad returns in July! Overall this was a pretty good episode despite the ridiculous ending.

Random Thoughts:

– I had no idea “cremains” was even a word. I thought it was just a bad pun in the title, but turns out it’s just what you somebody’s cremated remains! I learned something new!

– Fun CSI Trivia: Ian Reed Kesler, who played the jerk casting director Vince Trufant, has been on all three CSI shows! He was on the CSI: Miami episode “A Horrible Mind” in 2002, and on the CSI: NY episode “Live or Let Die” in 2006. Now you’ve learned something new!

– Next week we see the return of Justin Bieber. Here’s to hoping he’s in the middle of the large explosion we saw in the trailer.