CRIMINAL MINDS “Sense Memory” Review

Criminal Minds "Sense Memory" CBS

CRIMINAL MINDS “Sense Memory” Season 6 Episode 14 – An unregistered taxi driver is prowling the streets of LA in search of a woman with a natural scent. He is delusional; he likes drowning his victims in methanol and he likes taking a square slip of skin from the soles of their feet. Meanwhile, Prentiss has some demons from her past reappearing in her life.

This was a tightly plotted episode written by Randy Huggins. Instead of rushing headlong into Prentiss’ past, the show is slowing gliding in, leaving the viewers desperate for more. The opening scene where she lays booby traps around her house and seats herself, gun fully loaded, at the end of the hall, was chilling. I love the fact that the show is taking its time, giving us small gems to ponder over-the blacked out file, the purple flower, the four leaf clover tattoo-instead of rushing into an overloaded, unemotional plot. I also liked that Prentiss moved out of her house because, as her booby traps show, she is a smart and therefore formidable heroine, which of course means that whoever she feels threatened by must be a pretty scary, pretty clever villain. The scene between Prentiss and Morgan in the taxi was also very good. I like that he, as a top notch member of the BAU, is picking up on her unease, but whatever danger she is in is so top secret that she cannot reveal anything to him.

The case of the week, though it could not match the intensity and in fact turned away from the sexiness of last week’s Bonnie and Clyde caper, still offered the creep factor which Criminal Minds does so well. The shot of the candles made from the victim…eh…extractions…was, well, horrifying (in a good way). The episode was very well directed by Rob Spera, from the opening Prentiss sequence to the thrilling car chase climax.

Criminal Minds is a procedural with a very strong cast. Even though it is in its sixth season, it often delivers high quality episodes. Last week gave us one of the best episodes in the show’s history, this week kept up the trend with a solid and enjoyable (in the sick way a fan of gory crimes enjoys) instalment.

One more thing: it looks like Morgan will be taking over JJ’s place. Or they’ll probably rotate the press liaison between the team.

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