COMMUNITY “Early 21st Century Romanticism” Review

Community "Early 21st Century Romanticism"

COMMUNITY “Early 21st Century Romanticism” Season 2 Episode 15 – Britta meets her doppelganger, Jeff takes a break from the study group, Chang is homeless, Pierce needs help, and Troy and Abed find true love in the “Early 21st Century Romanticism episode of COMMUNITY.

Has there ever been a better bromance than Troy and Abed? The hot TV librarian (/Episodes) is right: that is the cutest thing that she will ever see. I completely conversation heart these two and Troy makes me awwww with his wonderful defense of his bud, and that’s before their hug. “Ignore her.” Sniffle. The taco briefcase is full of win, as are the Saw movie conversation defense and the blindfolded closing. “I’ve been cheating.”/”It says e-mail me.” Snort.

What a great Jeff episode as he runs the gamut from pissy bastard to reluctant host to loving friend. The Bare Naked Ladies fight is awesome. “Why do people always leap to defend that band?” Love the subtle jab at Big Bang Theory since they sing the theme, and it’s just so gloriously random and yet fitting as a symbol of the gang’s real issues. Jeff continues to struggle with the fact that he cares and his disappointment that he has no messages is too sweet for words, as is his carrying homeless Chang (who looks like Waldo and whose life is in the dishwasher) back into the apartment and tucking him in.

Okay, I like Britta, but the idea of two of them? Shudder. Love the skewering of both hipster posers and the “If it’s sweeps, there must be girl on girl action” trope. Of course in so doing they also got girl on girl action in there, so well played, show.

But, but–I want to hear the rest of Pierce’s prepared statement. “Good luck… and Bon Appetit.” Oh, my. Well, they certainly haven’t dropped the Pierce is in a dark place storyline, which is good, but Andy Dick? Really? Well, he is always best in very small doses, and what better way to personify the horrors of drug addiction than with a tiny and annoying Andy Dick in a pilot’s uniform? What would a Community intervention look like? Seeing Pierce alone on a bench with the voice over from Jeff’s shockingly heartfelt text is an incredibly effective way to end an episode that is a love letter to friendship.

Favorite Lines:

“He also listens to Bare Naked Ladies. Get their dumb asses in here.”

“”I want to be a book. She can pick me up, flip through my pages, and make sure nobody drew wieners in me”

“If you have to ask if it’s homophobic to ask questions, haven’t you already answered your own question?”

“I’m a sophisticated American. I’ve been pretending to like soccer since 2004.”

“For the record, I never thought you were cool. I only thought you were a lesbian.”

“There’s someone out there for us.”

“In England everything means vagina.”

“Way to go, idiots!”

“What is it about me that makes broken people flock to me? Is it my height? Do huddled masses mistake me for the Statue of Liberty?”

As funny as Community is, it has just as much heart, as this episode certainly proves. Troy and Abed have one of the best relationships ever, Jeff’s once-Grinchy heart continues to grow two sizes every episode and I love that with all the laughs we got, we also get a truly sad cliffhanger. This is one of the best-balanced shows on television.

What did you think of the episode? What do you think will happen with Pierce?

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