BLEEP MY DAD SAYS “Lock and Load” Review


BLEEP MY DAD SAYS Season One, Episode 17 – “Lock and Load” – Ah, the “gun episode” of BLEEP MY DAD SAYS. In “Lock and Load,” Ed is ready to finally sleep with Rosemary after a month together, but when she thinks someone’s broken into her house and he rushes over with his gun – a rifle – she freaks out.

Again, the William Shatner-Jean Smart chemistry is good, from the first of a couple phone sex scenes where, of course, they lie about what they have on, to the gun debates. Ed doesn’t exactly go gung ho NRA, but his arguments about guns, knowing how to use them safely and so on are pretty logical. And it’s all in line with the character’s military background, despite being a doctor.

One of the best lines comes from Smart – “I’m not a slut and I don’t like guns,” then Shat fires back, “Then we have nothing in common.” It’s looks like a break-up, but we know better. The post-doing-the-deed scene at Ed’s kitchen table had some charm, especially Rosemary in one of Ed’s olive-green hunting/fishing vests (he must have a closet full).

And there was Rosemary grabbing the shotgun and firing when she hears noises in the house while Ed’s out; We find out she shot Vince in the hand – so much for him delivering a specimen as part of the subplot and it’s “that” hand.

That Vince and Bonnie storyline – again the trying to have a baby thing – finds them at a fertility clinic during the show, where Vince has problems. Henry’s left to find him something, uh, stimulating at the video store. Why does this show even go there? The bits just were not very funny, in fact they were boring, really.

So, about two thirds of “Lock and Load,” made for a pretty good episode of “BLEEP MY DAD SAYS,” though in the other third, Henry is wasted and Vince and Bonnie? It’s still a loss from two comedians who’ve been funny elsewhere.