V “Concordia” Review

V “Concordia” Season 2 Episode 5 – Phew! This week’s episode of V was intense! The last 10 minutes had me on the edge of my seat, but the beginning of the episode wasn’t really relaxing either!

Aboard her ship, Anna is planning a surprise for humans. She’s working on a new project called “Concordia” where the visitors and humans can co-exist happily with one another, but we all know (even without her telling us) that there was more to her plan than peaceful co-existence.

She plans a gala (I never really liked that word – “gala”. Let’s just call it a huge party) to unveil her new idea, and to show humans the design of the new cities. To be honest, they looked like King Triton’s palace in The Little Mermaid, but hey, whatever works.

Safe on her ship with her loyal servants, Anna reveals that the female humans are almost ready for breeding with the help of red rain, and the rest of the “gifts” that she has provided. I’m not looking forward to any scenes that involve a visitor breeding with a human – I have a feeling that it won’t be overly pretty.

Meanwhile on solid ground, Tyler is turning 18 and Erica is still struggling with his destruction of the church, and his increasing involvement with the visitors. She calls in the “heavy artillery” as she calls it – in the form of Tyler’s father. The pair try to convince Tyler to take some time to “find himself” before college, but Anna has different plans. She offers Tyler a position to be the first human to pilot a visitor ship.

During this, The Fifth Column is planning drastic measures to get rid of the Visitors, and concoct a plan (actually, a very GOOD plan) to assassinate Anna during her party to begin the Concordia project. While everything seems like it’s going to go swimmingly, at the last second, Ryan alerts Anna to the plan, and Marcus takes the bullet that was meant for Anna. Now THAT is dedication.

I say this every week – but I continue to LOVE this show! V is a great mix of sci-fi and drama, and the story telling is second to none.

“Concordia” was a great episode with lots of twists (Ryan cracking at the last second) and turns (Tyler declining the offer to Captain a visitor ship), and I’m just WAITING for the face off between Anna and Erica.

I love the “family” dynamic that V is brining us. If you think about it, all major parties involved in this episode (Ryan, Erica, Anna) area all just doing what they have to do to protect their families. Granted, Anna’s way is going to take over the world, but hey – she’s just protecting her own.

Ryan’s turn at the end wasn’t surprising. His daughter is his first priority. Since Anna is the only one that can keep that adorable kid from being miserable what choice did he have? I’d probably turn on my friends, too!

Erica’s character is getting REALLY interesting to me. And I’m also getting increasingly more nervous for her. With the new investigation into her life, how long will her involvement with The Fifth Column be kept a secret?

What will happen now that Tyler is pulling away from Anna? What is going to happen to Father Jack’s priesthood? Can they just make V an extra 3 hours long every week to answer the billion questions that I have?

What did you think of V this week?

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