THE MIDDLE “Valentine’s Day II” Review

THE MIDDLE "Valentine's Day II"

THE MIDDLE “Valentine’s Day II” Season 2 Episode 14 – Love and humiliation are in the air as Sue tries to find the boy she kissed at Halloween, Brick has his first crush, and Frankie dates Axl in the “Valentine’s Day II” episode of THE MIDDLE.

Say what you want about Sue, the girl has guts. Her extensive search is impressive and I love the petition idea. “It’s for school-and the whales.” Hee. I hate that she lets Carly’s suspicions make her doubt herself. “You really think I could have made him up? I’m usually not that creative.” Unfortunately that is very much in character for her and at least she gets her ten seconds in the popular group. Then, dressing up in her crayon costume to jog Joe’s memory is a very bold move that pays off. Sure, she’s briefly humiliated, but I think that’s normal for her at this point and Joe does recognize her-and he likes her.

I can’t believe Brick has his first crush already. Too soon! “She can do three cartwheels-in a row.” Hee. That is an impressive amount of havoc that Mike wreaks
(“”There’s no advice on a candy heart that can fix this.”), but I remember Valentine’s Day in elementary school and there was at least that much drama. Who knew “Banned” would be one of the sweetest words a parent can hear? Mike looks so proud when he tells Frankie.

I completely misread the Axl storyline at first. Vanessa sounded so extreme that I thought Axl was making her up to mess with Frankie. Well, she is real, she is extreme, and the subplot was actually that Frankie was doing her best to date her son. So funny and so very disturbing. I like how it builds. At first, Frankie’s just proud Axl wants to be with her. Love her telling a random woman, “My son invited me to lunch.” Then it gets weird with the giggling and the awkward pause at the front door after the date. So wrong and yet so right.

Favorite lines:

“It’s candy with words on it. Candy and words. It’s genius.”

“Brick: stick, lick, done.”

“Get in the unemployment line because you just got Axed!”

“18 years and 3 kids. It worked out.”

“It would be like a classic tragedy. Or a CW show.”

“You know what they’re doing in China? They’re studying math and they’re learning how to be CEOs of greeting card companies so they can sell us Americans a heart shaped load of crap.”

“I know why you didn’t say anything-you were too busy dating our son.”

“You can’t show people who you really are until they’re stuck with you. That’s love.”

This is a sweetly fun episode of The Middle. I love that Mike asked Frankie out for a second date because he thought she liked ‘Reservoir Dogs’ and is now so disillusioned, and Brick and Sue’s joy at the end leaves me smiling. Brick seems to have found a girl who doesn’t mind his whispering and Sue has a popular friend. Life is good.

What were your favorite moments? Let me know in the comments.

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