THE GOOD WIFE “Real Deal” Review


THE GOOD WIFE “Real Deal” Season 2 Episode 13 – I really really really really hope this season never ends. In fact, I would like The Good Wife to become a soap and be on five times a week, because once is not enough.

Michael J Fox returned this week as Lou Canning, a cunning lawyer at odds with Alicia who tries to steal Lockhart, Gardner and Bond’s clients away from a civil lawsuit about a pesticide case which caused mass infertility and induced miscarriages in a white suburban neighbourhood. Canning’s sly manipulative skill at turning pity into wins is only matched by the collective reaction of Diane, Will and Alicia. He even sort of semi manages to win Kalinda’s respect when he informs her that he is only uneasy about surprises (though I think her St Paul comment leaves her with the upper hand). It is always fantastic to see Alicia and Canning at each others’ throats, and brings out a whole new side of her.

The always wonderful Denis O’Hare returned, once again setting the bar (heh) for guest judges with his activism schtick (the blood donation piece was particularly amusing to any True Blood fans).

Eli meanwhile has to deal with a campaign sliding into bankruptcy and an overzealous music teacher who has taken campaigning for Peter into his own hands. This music teacher might fill in a void left by Becca. His enthusiasm paired with Eli’s cynicism? Priceless. Peter campaigns for marijuana and enlists the aid of an old buddy (Method Man), a guy he met in prison to help get the young vote.

Saving the best for last, the chess board between the partners of Lockhart, Gardner and Bond just moved about six squares as Bond brings in new ($125 million new) clients and Will and Diane discover Bond has had the offices tapped, thanks to some nifty computer work by Kalinda. They set about manipulating him into getting rid of their opposition.

Isn’t it wonderful when I can say every single week “things are about to get interesting”. Seriously, my enthusiasm for this show is (embarrassingly) like that music teacher’s (Mr Neil Howard Sloan Jacob) enthusiasm for Peter’s campaign. If you are not watching it, I cannot rate it higher. There is no better acting, writing or sheer awesomeness anywhere, on cable or network tv.

What were your reactions to Alicia and Peter in bed? Sigh of relief? Cry of aggravation? I was definitely the former, and I loved Alicia’s gleeful laugh at the end, but let me know what you thought of that and the rest of the episode in the comments below!

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