SOUTHLAND “Cop or Not” Review

SOUTHLAND “Cop or Not” Season 3 Episode 6 – The episode title gives the throughline of this week’s helping of Southland: to be a cop or not to be a cop, that’s the question.

Lydia and Josie investigate the gruesome murder of a singer and her boyfriend and opinion is soon divided when suspicion falls on her estranged actor husband. Russell is sent by the Chief’s office to take a look at the scene and keeps tabs on the investigation, upset when he realises the actor is going to walk free. Soon after, crime scene photographs taken by Lydia and a voicemail sent from the actor to his wife end up in the media – but if she didn’t leak then, who did?

Sherman and Cooper find themselves tasked with keeping cars from entering the street where the murders took place, a pointless task since the paparazzi can walk past them. Eventually Cooper has enough and they take a call against orders, finding a small child who had been locked in a house with his dead grandfather for three days. Despite this, they’re sent right back to the actor’s house. He had committed suicide in the interim.

Sammy is back at work six weeks after Nate’s death, in uniform but still on gangs. It’s clearly a bad move – he almost drowns a man and then almost starts a conflict in the location of the ‘Code 4’ attack. Outside of work, he’s still staying with Mariella and the kids and seems to be tentatively filling the space Nate left behind. But is this a good thing for anyone involved? Oh and Tammi’s baby is Sammy’s, which is probably going to be more of a headache for the poor guy over the coming episodes.

There was so much left for future episodes to deal with: Sammy being a father and Lydia/the leaked photos being investigated. John’s still dealing with his back issues and he may have a love interest (there was someone in his bed at the start of the episode).

Is there ever a bad episode of Southland? This series delivers week after week, whether it’s brilliantly crafted storylines or nuanced, emotional performances. Shawn Hatosy was amazing again this week – surely there must be an Emmy nod in his future.

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