OUTCASTS Series 1 Episode 2 Review

OUTCASTS (BBC America) - Eric Mabius

OUTCASTS Series 1 Episode 2 – I still like Outcasts. That said, as we get into the meat of the story it’s becoming a bit too much like Battlestar Galactica. We have the ex-military ACs (Cylons), the impossible baby (Hera), Julius Berger (Gaius Baltar), and Richard Tate (an amalgamation of Adama and Roslin).

If we veer away into the vaguer similarities, there’s the ‘older’ second in command and the attractive younger person (Tigh and Caprica Six – let’s hope Stella doesn’t fall pregnant, eh?), and Cass’ secret may be that he’s an AC (final five). If he is, it looks like we may soon be comparing Cass/Fleur/Jack to Anders/Starbuck/Apollo.

It’s kind of like watching a (good) remake. But let’s leave BSG here for now, eh?

Apparently AC stands for ‘Advanced Cultivars’. They’re referred to as clones once in the episode(*), which threw me a bit as we didn’t see multiple copies of any one AC. Do they exist? Because their name, specifically the ‘cultivar’ part, would make one think they’re actually individuals created by cherry picking the best genetic characteristics.

(*) This scene left me thinking ‘what did I miss? When did clones come into the conversation?’. We do get the story behind the ACs/clones later in Tate’s office, but this scene could probably have been handled differently to minimize confusion for the viewer.

Actually, now that I really think about what we learned in this episode, I’m finding it hard to review it. I almost want to toss out a list of Battlestar Galactica episodes that you could re/watch to compare and contrast. While I found episode 2 really entertaining and I’m thoroughly enjoying it, it does feel highly derivative. This isn’t a bad thing in this case (in my opinion), but it does make me hope that the next six episodes pull something pretty phenomenal out of the bag.

While I still like the lighting in the daylight shots, I have to agree with commenter ‘Drakuul’ about the day-for-night shots. Was there a particular reason they couldn’t do night shoots (or even dusk/dawn shoots) or do those outside scenes on a stage? Because making everything a little darker and bluer won’t work if there’s still clearly daylight in the background.

One thing I hope they explain for us soon: The ACs were sent on the advanced military missions to Carpathia. Presumably the findings of these missions were sent back to earth so they could determine whether or not it was feasible to start sending people to build a civilisation. But it seems as though the people of Carpathia are not able to contact earth, so how did the military missions do it? Did they lose contact? Or were the findings reported back by ships going back to/closer to earth?

As I said, I’m enjoying Outcasts, but it seems to have divided opinion quite severely. I’m really interested in seeing whether opinions have changed after episode 2. So let’s open up the floor. What did you like and/or dislike about Outcasts episodes 1 and 2? What would you have changed/removed/added to improve the plot? If you’ve watched BSG, did you see the similarities? How do you feel about it? Let us know in the comments below.

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