ONE TREE HILL “Holding Out For a Hero” Review

ONE TREE HILL "Holding Out for a Hero"

ONE TREE HILL “Holding Out For a Hero” Season 8 Episode 14 – Sorry to say One Tree Hill fans, but this week’s episode was pretty awful. And I am a fan. Although I really wanted to like this episode, it was hard because it felt like it was written by a child. In fact, the writers should have made it from Jamie’s viewpoint or a dream Jamie had. That would have made more sense. Instead, we had the whole episode driven by Brooke who dreamt she was a superhero called B Dazzle. Seriously.

Here’s the thing. The adults in Tree Hill need to get jobs. Fast. Aside from Chase and Julian, no one really works. Brooke is currently doing absolutely nothing other than designing and making crazy superhero outfits. Quinn, although claiming she has been getting a lot of calls for photography work, has nothing going on. Clay, who actually owns a sports agency, hasn’t been shown working since he signed that one athlete. Nathan is taking one class and whining the entire time about his one tough professor. Haley is pregant so she gets a pass. Heck, even Mia isn’t working and she is an actual musician. I wanted to just reach through the TV and shake these characters.

Now I know that this episode had a message. The message was that there are bullies in every avenue of life. The other message appears to be that everyone has a hero inside them and everyone needs a hero. It was the poor execution of these messages that irked me. Aside from the actual teenage girl about to be beat up at the end, who were these bullies? A really tough college instructor who we are now led to believe is too busy teaching to know how things are done practically in life? Chuck, who has always been a bully, but now we learn has no father in his life and just needed some love? Mia who would not let Alex record in the studio because she cannot get past her personal jealousies? I am not sure that I would really call any of these bullies.

My other major complaint about this episode, and one that I have voiced before, is Haley’s misuse of the crisis center. Haiey is a great character. She is sensitive, caring, wise, supportive and calming. In no stretch of the imagination should she ever violate the terms of the crisis center, yet she has done so twice. The first time was so that she could sign that Irish singer even though it was against Erin’s wishes initially. Coincidentally Erin was mentioned this episode presumably to prove that Haley did the right thing. Tonight Haley breached confideniality yet again so that she, Brooke and Quinn could play dress up and rescue a girl that was being bullied because she was adopted. If I were in charge of the crisis center, Haley would be fired.

Putting aside all of my criticisms of the episode, there were some good moments. The highlights for me were when Haley told Quinn a/k/a Shutterbug, “The last villian you took on shot you and put you into a coma” and then Brooke responded, “She is right. You are indestructible.” It was cute how they whimsically turned everything into a positive for them. Aside from the superhero stuff, I loved that Mouth and Millie are back living together again and that Mouth got the opportunity to get back behind the camera again, even if it was for a commercial. I think the true lesson of the episode was right there. Make do with what you’ve got. Julian used to direct movies and now he is reduced to directing commercials so he can stay in Tree Hill with Brooke. Yet, he is still doing something. The same is true of Mouth. It would behoove the other characters to follow in their footsteps.

What did you think of this episode of One Tree Hill? Was it as juvenile as I thought it came across? Tell us what you thought in the comment section below.

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