MODERN FAMILY “Bixby’s Back” Review

MODERN FAMILY "Bixby's Back"

MODERN FAMILY “Bixby’s Back” Season 2 Episode 14 – Cam and Mitchell try to figure out which of them is more desirable to Mitchell’s assistant, Gloria one-ups Jay, and Clive and Juliana outdo themselves in the “Bixby’s Back” episode of MODERN FAMILY.

“Shut up; I win.” Leave it to Jay and Gloria to turn Valentine’s Day into a cutthroat competition. “She walks in the door and bam! She looks like a big idiot! Isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is about?” Poor Jay was actually agonizing the more the night went on, so, yes, Gloria definitely wins, but mostly we win because of Jay’s amazing impression of Gloria. Hee.

It might be time for Manny to hang up his crush on Haley because it’s crossed over from disturbing but cute to just plain disturbing. Anyway, it’s time for Haley, Dylan, and his jar of tears again. “Picture me naked.” Now, there are some lyrics, and Claire wondering if she’s a bad enough parent to ignore it cracks me up. Of course Phil convinces her she is.

Cam’s bike shorts are back! Not sure why that makes me so happy, but it does. I wish I could say I can’t believe Cam and Mitchell are fighting over which of them Broderick is attracted to, but it’s absolutely in character. Does anyone else feel like they’ve been bickering too much this season? The elevator scene with cam and Broderick is funny and I love Mitchell’s “Well, pick out some china and move to Vermont,” but I want the guys to get a better storyline.

Saving the best for last: Clive and Juliana’s triumphant (and possibly felonious) return. How cute are these two? I wasn’t sure how Modern Family could outdo Claire’s escalator shenanigans from last year, but an almost naked Phil in a horrified woman’s room works for me, especially with the popping cork. “There’s been a tiny mistake.” Ha! You think? There is so much to love here: Phil’s cluelessness when Juliana calls, Clive and Juliana’s painful banter: “I’m usually pretty good at catching things from women in bars.” I especially love that even after security is called (“I am not going back to that hotel tonight, and I’m pretty sure you’re not allowed to.”), they don’t give up, but instead go up to their locking bedroom and throw out Phil’s back. Now, that’s love.

Favorite lines:

“You look hot enough to cook a pizza on.”

“Well, aren’t you a dear… I’d like to mount your head in my trophy room.”

“She’s had the romantic. She’s had the intellectual. How but all of that in one little brown package?” Can we find Manny a girl of his own-one who’s not a member of his extended family?

“Oh, did I validate you?”/”Oh, yes.” I’m not sure anyone but Eric Stonestreet could have sold that.

“An angel from heaven came and saved the night. A big gay angel.”

“I am the second wife Jay, why do you treat me like the first?”

I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s Day, but I will absolutely celebrate it if it means we get the continuing adventures of Clive and Juliana. I’m surprisingly happy to see Dylan back, and Gloria’s stubborn competitive streak makes me giggle. I wish Cam and Mitchell’s story were stronger, but even that has some good moments. All in all, this is a very funny episode of Modern Family.

What were your favorite parts of the episode? Was Broderick attracted to Cam or Mitchell? Let me know in the comments.

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