LIGHTS OUT “The Comeback” Review

LIGHTS OUT The Comeback (FX)

LIGHTS OUT “The Comeback” Season 1 Episode 5 – Theresa finally accepts that Lights has to go back into the boxing ring if they are to have any hope of avoiding bankruptcy. However, she is unwilling to stand by the ring and cheer him on and as the episode ends, she hands him a duffel bag and asks him to leave the house before the kids wake up.

Theresa could be a delightful character, but unfortunately Catherine McCormack portrays her with such an insufferable “woe is me” victim attitude it is often hard to wonder what Lights is fighting to maintain. I thought a loving marriage was a partnership? She hoisters all of the blame for their financial downfall onto his shoulders, sends him out the door to get battered in a ring by some ex-con accused of ‘statutory’ rape without saying goodbye to his daughters. Every time she appears on screen my skin crawls with dislike. I suppose it is marginally better than being indifferent.

The best (and when I say best I mean the only good female, though she is very good) is Ryann Shane as Lights’ middle daughter Daniella. One of the best scenes in this episode featured a family meeting, where Theresa and Ava were encouraging Lights to get back into the ring, but she was holding back her knowledge of his dementia. The technique of knowing something the others don’t is as old as the Greek tragedy, but obviously effective here. When she finally found out that her father was set to spar off against a brutal ex-con, the confrontation between her and her father was electric. McCallany was scary as he stacked responsibility of not only keeping his secret, but also with the knowledge that breaking her silence could mean the destruction of her family-and with her mother already sipping spirits, that destruction may come whether she spills the beans or not.

Obviously, that is the best thing about the show: how quickly Lights can go from being the hero who offers to take care of an injured friend, to the red in the face father, roaring at his daughter for being concerned about him. You rarely know how he will react, or how far he will go. This also goes for his opponents. Jojo, the man with glass hands, quickly met his end when he was attacked, his hands crushed with (suggested) cinderblocks, in order to prevent Lights’ comeback fight. Who was responsible for the attack on Jojo? Was it Barry, who offered Lights a million to fight his man? Was it Brennan, who must have some diabolical scheme up his sleeve because I am not buying his ‘love of the true game’ schtick for a minute. Johnny is a free agent, which can only mean trouble for Lights, and with that final scene, I’m guessing Lights will have to have more trouble with the fights outside the ring.

I love how this series is progressing, I love the style and writing of the show, and despite my concerns about the female characters (Daniella excluded) Lights, Barry, Brennan and the others offer up some excellent television.

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