RAISING HOPE “Romeo and Romeo” Advance Review

RAISING HOPE "Romeo & Romeo"

RAISING HOPE “Romeo and Romeo” Season 1 Episode 12 – I’ve missed this show: from Maw Maw’s senility and Burt’s non sequiturs to Jimmy’s sweetness and baby Hope’s priceless expressions (not to mention anything and everything Martha Plimpton-related), Raising Hope was just humming along, making me laugh, until it went away for a two month holiday hiatus. Thankfully it’s back tonight with the “Romeo and Romeo” episode where Jimmy makes a new single dad friend, much to Virginia’s dismay.

Sabrina is worried about Jimmy not having any friends, so she finds him a hot prospect in another single dad (guest star Brandon T. Jackson), but getting acquainted is never that simple and there are great scenes with Jimmy trying to introduce himself and when his home’s lack of modern technology almost does him in. Things get even more interesting when it turns out Virginia knows Justin’s mom.

There is a hilariously inspired dinner scene that flashes between Jimmy and Justin’s families eating dinner in their respective homes. The editing is terrific and I love the contrast (and especially the similarities) between the two meals. Just as good is the climactic dinner scene where things take an unexpected turn.

As always, the bulk of the episode is focused on Jimmy, Burt, and Virginia, but there are good Maw Maw moments (mostly lucid this week) threaded throughout complete with some of her heretofore unknown talents, and we even spend a little time with Virginia’s co-workers. Tichina Arnold and Phill Castro as Justin’s parents are the perfect counterparts to Burt and Virginia and I hope we see them again.

A few choice lines:

“Well, that’s gross. We’re going to go back to prom now.” I love the flashbacks.

“As long as he’s somebody who gets me. And I wouldn’t complain if he’s outdoorsy.”

“I wasn’t looking for money. I was looking for a friend.” Poor Burt.

“Why do we live in the 70s?”

“I’m a dad and you’re a dad, so why should a dad and a dad be sad when there’s fun to be had?” Dr. Seuss has nothing on Jimmy and I love this scene SO much.

“Look at you two hanging out-like two penises in a pod.”

There’s a lot to love in this episode: the study in two families is done really well, it never goes exactly where I think it will, the little touches are awesome, and it just makes me laugh. Mostly, I’m just glad to be spending time with this family because they make me happy.

After you’ve had a chance to watch Raising Hope tonight on Fox at 9pm eastern/8pm central, I hope you’ll come back and post what you thought.

What were your favorite moments? Can you call on deck or not? Let me know in the comments.

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