NO ORDINARY FAMILY “No Ordinary Double Standard” Review

NO ORDINARY FAMILY (ABC) - No Ordinary Double Standard

NO ORDINARY FAMILY “No Ordinary Double Standard” Season 1 Episode 14 – Things are certainly steaming up on NO ORDINARY FAMILY! With “No Ordinary Double Standard”, our dear little kid-friendly show has grown up to be a bona fide drama, complete with sexual innuendos and naked – but hidden – shower scenes.

Social Butterflies – Date Night Ends Badly
Stephanie meets her friend Lena, who is attacked afterwards. Stephanie and Jim learn that Lena is connected with Tom “the steam” Seeley and how he got that way with the help of Dr. King. I started the episode wondering if it/Tom was mist, cloud, fog, or smoke.

Surprise, surprise! JJ was the only one acting in a sensible manner tonight. He goes on a date with Bailey, but before kissing he truthfully tells her that he still likes Natalie. Of course, he has probably sent himself to social Siberia now.

Daphne goes on a date with Chris, but it ends with her being accosted and learning she literally has the powers of persuasion. This could be bad or good, depending on how you look at it.

Boys versus Girls – I know you are but what am I?
Jim and Stephanie turn into adolescents with their “my powers are better than yours; I can solve the case before you” tiff. But it was so fun to watch. In the end, they learn that they are better together. After all, what good is super speed without super strength?

Dr. King and Stephanie lie to each other, each knowing full well that the other is lying as well. Let the face-off begin!

Repeat Offenses – Old Tricks
Dr. King threatens action against Katie to get to Joshua who doesn’t budge. Really Dr. King, again?!

Joshua uses his powers on Katie to keep hidden what he has done in the past, which she learned about courtesy of Dr. King. Really Joshua, again?!

Daphne gets a new thought-controlling power. She gets another one? Cool, but bad Daphne for the way she uses the power on her dad. Were they transferred to her after Joshua wiped her memory? Did the evil part of it transfer to Daphne as well? Will she be using it for wicked purposes now?

Characters like Tom and Lena that become meddlesome, out of control, or uncooperative get killed off. (Or if they become non-essential to the story, I’m sure. I like this fact about the show.)

I was excited to hear past characters Rebecca (human earthquake) and Theo (fire maker) mentioned. Does this mean they will make a re-appearance? (I also like the fact that the show ties up loose ends.)

Sidekicks Equal Funny – Comic Relief
It’s hard to imagine anyone but Autumn Reeser being able to pull off Katie’s scene in the lair, turning the computer hardware into a sex-y thing and keeping it insanely cute, or George’s comeback a few scenes later, declaring that Katie had violated the sanctity of the lair. Give Reeser and Romany Malco more to do on the show!

Tonight’s No Ordinary Family reminds me how much I enjoy watching the interactions of the Powell family and their banter with the sidekicks. I think this is really where the show excels. I’ve always thought of No Ordinary Family with more emphasis on the family and less emphasis on the powers. The show does an excellent job working together the drama, comedy, and science fiction aspects of the show, while also maintaining the family dynamics. It’s great to see the show becoming more complex and even more appealing.