NCIS “A Man Walks Into A Bar” Review

NCIS (CBS) A Man Walks into a Bar

NCIS “A Man Walks Into A Bar” Season 8 Episode 14 – Alright, I’ll admit it, I rolled my eyes right along with the team when they found out they had to get their psych evaluations in this episode. The funny thing is, as silly as they (and I) though it was, having Rachel running around did allow us to get into our favorite characters’ heads. She got them to say the things that all of us fans know but hadn’t had a chance to hear from their own mouths yet.

Well that’s what I thought anyway, until I found out who Rachel really was. I wondered why so many of the wonderful flashbacks involved Kate and why the doc seemed to know a lot about her. While she helped them to learn more about themselves, they helped her to understand the people that her sister had worked with before she died. In the end it looked like both got what they needed and I’ll admit that once the truth came out, I couldn’t stop the tears from flowing. Whereas the visiting shrink idea could have been seen as mostly comical, Kate’s sister getting into everyone’s head was downright beautiful.

Overall I was so impressed by this entire episode that I’m not even sure if I can do it justice right now. I wish I could watch it again before reviewing it for all of you fine fans but as I can’t, I’ll just stick with my initial impressions for now. Though I will be watching it again on my own, of that you can be certain.

My favorite bits…

Vance pointing out that victim’s families didn’t see putting their cases as a priority as short-sighted.

Tony claiming that the horses whispered to him and doing his ridiculous horse imitation just as Rachel came down the stairs. Talk about an interesting first impression.

Kinda enjoying that Tony didn’t get into it with Rachel when she asked if anyone didn’t approve of his silly behavior. I did like how she spotted that he saw lightening the mood as his job – something that all of us Tony fans have known for a long time.

Gibbs telling Vance that they are who they are. Yes! Love that so much!

The little look of panic that ran across Ziva’s face when she opened her big mouth and accidentally volunteered to talk with Rachel first.

Thinking that Tony’s evaluation of how a horse looks when it’s nervous sounded pretty spot-on.

Being amazed by how intense things suddenly became when Ziva was talking to Rachel and we saw all of those flashbacks. Wow, I so wasn’t expecting that.

Ziva admitting that she wanted something permanent.

Gibbs’ silence speaking volumes when Rachel asked if he wasn’t a fan of her personally or psychiatrists in general.

Abby telling Rachel “Trust me honey, you do not have enough hours in the day.” LOL!

Finding it interesting how Ducky ended up talking to Rachel, after she told him that he was the most balanced of the team. Seems like she set him up with that.

McGee asking Rachel who had told her about “Probie.” LOL. Funny that she spotted that all he wanted was a committed relationship and super interesting that his flashback montage ended on Abby. Hidden message there? Hmm.

Tony volunteering a bunch of information about himself to Rachel, only to be surprised when she wanted to talk about the promotion he passed up.

Rachel telling Abby that she made Goth look gorgeous and fun. Aw, so true. Too funny that Abby doesn’t see herself as Goth though.

Abby admitting that she missed Kate. *sadface* now we’re seeing Abby and McGee moments in Abby’s flashbacks too. Interesting.

Wow, a suicide that was made to look like a murder. That has got to be a first for this show.

Wait. What??? Was that a new scene? Tony and Kate on a roof? LOVED it.

Rachel is Kate’s sister??

Absolutely bursting into tears when Gibbs put Rachel onto the spot in his basement where the man who killed Kate had died.

This line about Team Gibbs from Rachel: “Their self-less devotion is why it works.” – That is probably the best description I’ve ever heard for them.

What did you think of this episode of NCIS? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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