MIKE AND MOLLY “Jim Won’t Eat” Review

Mike & Molly

MIKE AND MOLLY “Jim Won’t Eat” Season 1 Episode 15 – On MIKE AND MOLLY this week, Mike’s mother has to have her gallbladder removed, and asks (well, tells) Molly to watch her ADORABLE dog, Jim. Mike’s mom is a bit dramatic and decides to plan for the worst from her surgery – even going as far as to show Mike and Molly what casket she wants when she dies on the table.

Personally, I love Mike’s mom, she reminds me a few of my relatives (We’re Italian – the drama runs through our veins).

All the talk about death (and learning his mother has an extra burial plot that was supposed to be his fathers before he ran off), Mike tells his mom that he’s going to be buried next to Molly – which prompts Molly to say: “We haven’t even bought a COUCH together!”

Mike decides this means that Molly is going to break up with him, and so begins a slew of passive aggressive comments about commitment.

Mike and Molly is a sweet show. I love that a network finally stepped up and put together a show like this; one that shows people that aren’t rail thin in a relationship. I know weight is obviously a huge factor of the story line, and I appreciate that. It’s
not a taboo subject, and Mike and Molly not only show that through it’s actors, but also in the actual writing of the show as well.

“Jim Won’t Eat” was an episode that made me laugh a lot. Like I said, Mike’s mom really reminded me of a few of my more dramatic relatives, and I could relate to the over the top talk about dying on the operating table during a routine procedure.

Jim was probably one of the cutest dogs I have ever seen, and I enjoyed that Mike’s mom gave him to Molly to take care of, even though it’s obvious that Molly is not her favorite person in the world.

My favorite parts of “Jim Won’t Eat” were:

  • The opening scene with Mike playing video games. I love watching TV characters get into their gaming systems – it makes me feel like less of a geek when I play mine and yell at the screen the exact same way Mike was this week.
  • Mike talking about directing traffic in his white gloves: “. Yeah, it’s a lot of fun standing in the snow waving my hands like a fat mime.”
  • Mike in a round about way letting Molly know that he was in the relationship for the long term: “If you were in a rock climbing
    accident and had to cut off your own arm, I’d be there – hook and all! . what about you?” Molly: “If I found myself in an
    alternate world where you could rock climb?”
  • Molly when Mike is yelling that she’s not into the “rock climbing” conversation: “I don’t even know what this conversation IS!”
  • Molly talking about Mike’s mom and how she’s never going to die: “You’d have to drop a farm house on her.” Oh my
    goodness, I laughed HARD at that.
  • Overall Mike and Molly was funny, cute, and the end was sweet in a very real way. I love that CBS picked up this show and hope it sticks around for a while!

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