Justified “The Moonshine War” Advance Review


Justified “The Moonshine War” Season 2 Episode 1 – Last summer I was unable to catch this show, but it was always on my radar while airing its first season and I remember hearing lots of great things about it. So when I got the chance to review Justified this season I decided to jump at it. I started watching all the re-runs of season one and soon I was completely hooked. I knew there was something about this show that was drawing me in, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it at first.

Then it hit me – It’s the cast. I’m comfortable with these kinds of people – the way they talk, the southern slang they use, the cars they drive, etc. I may not have my southern accent anymore (my mother made sure of that, stamping it out the moment we moved to the west coast), but I still have plenty of family members who talk and act like nearly everyone on this show. Sure, most of my kin (oops, there comes the accent) are more apt to wear baseball caps than cowboys hats, but still, it’s comforting.

Though I do have to say that one thing I never, ever expected to happen was that I’d fall in love with one of the bad guys. But right off the bat I found Boyd so enthralling that that is exactly what occurred. At the end of the final episode of season one, I feared we might never see him again, but I’m happy to report he’s back in season two and no, I don’t think that’s a spoiler at all.

In order to avoid those nasty spoilers though, I can’t mention too many specifics about this episode. But I can say that within the first fifteen minutes, they effectively shut the door on some major storylines from last season and opened up some more for the current one.

It also features one of the most intense scenes I’ve ever witnessed between a fourteen-year-old girl and a scumbag. The actress playing the girl gave a mind blowing performance and it made me wish I had been half the girl she is at that age. Hell, I with I was half the girl she is at my current age.

They also introduce what I think will turn out to be the new baddie for this season. This is a character that caught me off guard, being different than what I’d been expecting – almost kind, in fact. But in the end I think Raylan’s got a new foe that will put the entire Crowder clan to shame.

Also there seem to be some relationships forming up that are going to be different than in season one – people who were once enemies are becoming allies and vice versa. It’s going to be interesting to see where everyone ends up and who’s going to end up with whom.

Overall I was incredibly impressed by not only the first season of Justified, but also this first episode of season two. All I have to say now is that I’m very excited to what they have in store for us next.

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