HELLCATS “Remember When” Review

Hellcats (CW) Remembering When

HELLCATS “Remember When” Episode 14 – After last week’s abrupt ending, all I can say is, “phew,” Marti escaped the thugs that were chasing her at the end of the last episode of HELLCATS, although we don’t really find out how. I guess once she was inside they decided to leave. That doesn’t mean things are far from perfect for her. She has to decide whether to drop the bomb about the information she has and all that means. Doing the right thing is never easy…

It’s harder for Hellcats.

In fact, they forgot to initiate Marti when she first joined, things were a little busy. So now she gets the fun of an abduction and the ceremony; and we get the fun of flashbacks and their chance to “Remember When.” Of course they all struggled to reach the point they’re at, fought their way through to become the amazing competitive team they are now. It’s something Marti needs to know because, as she’s told, if she’s going to kill them, she needs to know who they are when she pulls the trigger. After learning each of their stories, she realizes that she really (gasp) is part of the group.

Meanwhile back at the bad guy ranch, they have been unsuccessful in their attempt to locate the incriminating DVD in Marti’s room so they decide to “send a message.” (I love it when bad guys say that. It gives me happy chills.) Poor Travis falls down several times on someone’s fist and tells Marti she is off the case. In true Hellcat form, though, they all pull together in the end.

I think I am starting to get into the rhythm of this show and I’m glad they did the flashback “get to know the other Hellcats” episode this week. Since I am new to Hellcats, it gave me a little insight into the characters that I didn’t have. In a way, I suppose, some of the reveals were lost on me, since I haven’t been with the gang since the beginning, but I enjoyed the back stories of each character.

The odd back and forth between an almost crime drama and a fluffy more college-focused soap can be disconcerting at times, but I know that you just can’t have a good primetime drama without a little crime anymore. It seems more out of place in this setting, and at times, for me, takes away from the relationships and interplay between the other characters. Still, you really have to like the bad guys. I like a bad guy that I can really dislike and say, hey he’s slime, without any angst about motive or anything else. I like a bad bad guy. It makes me happy.

Yeah, I admit it, I liked tonight’s episode of Hellcats. While I was never a cheerleader, it would be fun to “Remember When” now and then about some of my college exploits. I am still a little unsure about the Hellcats, but it’s growing on me.