GLEE “Silly Love Songs” Advance Review

GLEE “Silly Love Songs” Season 2 Episode 12 – After waiting so long for Glee to return from its winter break, us Gleeks are being rewarded for our patience with TWO brand new episodes this week. The football season ended in Sunday’s post Super Bowl episode, and now McKinley High students are looking for love in tonight’s all-new Valentine’s Day themed episode, “Silly Love Songs.”

Mr. Schuester’s assignment for the week is for each member of New Directions to pick a partner and serenade him/her with a great love song. An unexpected pairing causes some major drama (drama on Glee, I know you’re shocked). Mr. Schue’s assignment also allows supercute couples like Tina and Mike and Artie and Brittany to shine.

Meanwhile Finn, fresh off his football victory, is back to being top dog at McKinley, and all the attention from the ladies is going to his head (Can you guess which smitten girl nicknames him Finnybear?). He decides to set up a kissing booth so he can kiss every girl in school (well, actually, there might be some ulterior motives at play here). He and Quinn also talk about the kiss they shared at the end of Sunday’s episode…was it just a one time mistake? And where do Rachel and Sam fit into things?

Kurt and Blaine over at Dalton Academy are also on in the spotlight in “Silly Love Songs.” It turns out that Valentine’s Day is Blaine’s favorite holiday and he needs a favor from The Warblers in order to celebrate. Kurt supports Blaine when he goes to The Warbler’s council, and the result is not one, but two performances from our favorite all male glee club.

“Silly Love Songs,” with its lack of big name guest stars or big budget musical performances, is my favorite type of Glee episode. I like when the show just focuses on the characters and the music seems natural. If that sounds good to you, then I think you’ll like this episode.

So don’t forget, Glee is on tonight at 8pm on FOX. After the episode, come right back here and weigh in on “Silly Love Songs.”

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