CHUCK “Chuck Versus The Seduction Impossible” Review

Chuck "Chuck Versus The Impossible Seduction" (NBC)

CHUCK “Chuck Versus The Seduction Impossible” Season 4 Episode 14 – When Roan Montgomery, a top notch spy whom we last saw way back when Chuck’s hair was curlier, is kidnapped by three leather clad, gun toting models, the prayers of Chuck, Sarah and Casey are answered as they are sent on a mission to rescue him.

After last week’s action packed, knot tying episode saw the conclusion of many arcs-Chuck and Sarah are finally engaged; Chuck’s mother has returned home; Volkhoff is (for now) over-this week operated on a much smaller scale.

While it’s always wonderful to hear Chuck’s mother explain that her technique for cradling a baby to sleep is the same she uses when handling live explosions, I wished her story with Ellie has not been tied up so neatly. That Ellie basically tells her mother after years of abandonment due to espionage that it is time she gets back in the game because “it’s what she really wants” is a pretty unbelievable, overly facile beginning to a new arc. Of course Chuck’s mother will get back in the spy ring. Of course she cannot and will not be the cooing grandmother in her rocking chair. But what kind of daughter would tell her mother to return to the spy world, especially after witnessing her own father’s execution by spies. Developments like these keep Chuck from being anything more than mere ‘light hearted with the occasional dark twist’ entertainment.

On the other hand I did (to my own surprise) find the mission of the week entertaining. Casey’s 127 Hours crisis was as funny as his realization that he can never regain the family he lost was poignant. Montgomery’s story was bewildering (he’s a seducer) until the General got involved, and her bazooka moment will definitely go into the pantheon of Best Chuck Moments Ever.

Aside from that, we got more redundant drama from Chuck and Sarah. He wants a big family wedding, she wants to elope. The audience groans as Chuck spends the next forty minutes moaning about this and wondering why she would want such a thing. Sarah eventually spoon feeds him the answer that we sussed out before the topic had even cropped up. The way she delved into it however suggested that perhaps more than her father will be invited. Perhaps her extended family will be called upon too. That’s something I’m looking forward to!

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