CASTLE “Lucky Stiff” Review

CASTLE (ABC) Lucky Stiff

CASTLE “Lucky Stiff” Season 3 Episode 14 – Martha gets oodles of money in a surprise inheritance check and a lottery winner is found murdered. So in true Castle style, he gets everyone to confess what they would if they suddenly found themselves on the receiving end of a windfall, while they all still work on solving the case of course.

What everyone decides tells a little bit about them – Ryan with his winery, Esposito with the Ferrari, even the captain spoke up and said he’d buy himself a boat. The mystery of the episode, the one that Castle can’t crack for a while, turns out to be – what would Beckett do if she had tons of money.

Once again the answer tells a lot about her, when Castle finally figures it out. I love that he not only did get to the bottom of the mystery, but also did something about it. That gesture of opening up a scholarship in Beckett’s mom’s name was just about the sweetest thing he’s done on the show so far.

As for me, if I got that kind of money I’d buy homes in different cities (like maybe LA, London and Austin) so I can travel back and forth. Ah, maybe someday.

My favorite bits…

Chet leaving Martha one million dollars and Beckett remarking that it still wasn’t enough for her to find a place of her own. Sad, but true.

Esposito and Lanie laying bets that Beckett would figure out the gun near the body wasn’t the murder weapon.

Castle remarking that a Ferrari was just as fast as any other car in New York traffic. LOL.

Thinking that it was so Castle to not only guess that the “butler did it”, but to say that it would be a shame if he didn’t. I kinda agree.

This bit (when the blue guy showed up): Castle: “Either that guy really likes Avatar.” Beckett: “Or he’s our killer.”

Castle remarking that the victim was “right down the crater from me!” when they saw the guy had bought land on the moon.

Castle asking Beckett if she had called to tell him a bedtime story. Ha!

The grin that Ryan gave Esposito when he asked if Castle and Becket knew about he and Lanie. So cute!

Loving what Castle had to say about how having the money he did allowed him to have the life he wanted and spend more time with his daughter, etc.

Cracking up at Castle’s rap “Three armed cops and a writer makes four. You’re under arrest, so get on the floor.”

Beckett suggesting that Martha honor Chet’s memory with the money. Very sweet.

Castle practically going catatonic when Beckett started dancing.

Beckett being able to play the sexy dumb chick to get close to Os.

Beckett telling Os that Castle was her boyfriend “for now.” Ha!

The look on my face matching Castle’s when Beckett kneed the bodyguard in the jewels. Yowza!

Castle handing Beckett a drink instead of her handcuffs. LOL.

Castle’s joy that the butler may have actually done it.

Ryan saying that he played Esposito’s “firsts” too. Funny, but a little creepy too.

Martha deciding to open a school for actors with her money. Yep, that’s totally perfect.

Beckett playing the guitar.

Castle offering to set up a scholarship and hosting a fundraiser in Beckett’s mom’s name. So sweet!

What did you think of this episode of Castle? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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