THE CHICAGO CODE Pilot Advance Review


Fox has a new show to add to its lineup on Mondays at 9:00 pm ET/PT, The Chicago Code. Although this is a show about police officers, it is not your typical cop show. Underneath the usual murder and crime investigations is a movement to abolish the corruption, mostly political, that is widespread in Chicago, at least in The Chicago Code. Jennifer Beals plays Teresa Colvin, the first female Superintendant on Chicago’s police department. When she is not able to obtain funding for a formal task force to address the corruption, she finds other options. That includes a veteran detective, Jarek Wysocki, played by Jason Clarke, and his partner du jour. Rounding out their little team is her private partner/driver, Antonio, an undercover cop, Liam, and soon I am sure Jarek’s niece, Vonda, and her partner, Isaac.

The Chicago Code
was hard to get into at first. There was a lot of political talk and corruption theories that seemed to go over my head or that I just did not care about. It helped that there were voiceovers from one character explaining another character’s background. This was extremely effective in one of the last scenes. I appreciate any background I can get especially when we are thrown in what feels like the middle of a story. There were also typical cop show side stories – a cop who cannot keep a partner, the tough woman who put everything behind her career, the possible bad city official, the Irish Mob. Honestly, I just made a joke in the last couple of weeks about how we never hear anything about the Irish Mob anymore. Apparently, I did not know The Chicago Code was in production.

By the middle to the end of this episode, The Chicago Code began to pick up pace and gain my interest. I also found myself more invested in the characters. Once I could see where the team and the characters were heading, it was easier to follow and the journey became intriguing. I also have to give the show props for having a major killing in the pilot episode. I did not see it coming and it saddened me, yet pulled me in.

If you are at all interested in police shows, stories of corruption and the mob, or Chicago in general, I think you will like this show. Jennifer Beals plays her part well and the other actors are good too. Actually, my favorite character was one of Jareck’s partners. I hope he sticks around. Tune into tonight at 9:00 pm to The Chicago Code on FOX and then come back here and tell me what you think in the comment section below.

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