THE CAPE “Goggles and Hicks” Review


THE CAPE Season 1, Episode 6 “Goggles and Hicks” – We don’t see a lot of sinister Peter Fleming in “Goggles and Hicks,” but the nasty duo he hires to take down our hero – a wheel chair bound techno tracker geek and his psychotic killer partner – makes up for it.

The show gets right to it, as The Cape and Scales – a short and welcome Vinnie Jones cameo, but an important one – are set up in Church for a meeting each thinks the other one called. A biometric tracker is planted on The Cape. They even find out he’s dead cop Faraday, but never get around to letting Fleming know.

Faraday and Orwell have no clue about anything, until a remote flying machine gun appears at the park where they’re eating. The murder team’s use of an electromagnetic pulse to blackout the city was innovative. Finally Orwell find the tiny tracking dot on Faraday and removes it, but Hicks is closing in.

It’s good to see despite his being a pro, Hicks gets more than he bargained for with The Cape in the blackout confrontation in an art deco theater, as the tables are nicely turned and they also snatch Goggles. And it was interesting to see stone-cold killer Hicks lost without his partner. When he meets with Fleming, the manipulating baddie is ticked at the failure.

A trade of a USB with all The Cape‘s info in exchange for his location seems to take care of the identity discovery, but what if they have back-up files?

There was a bit more Faraday-Orwell bonding throughout the story, a growing brother-sister relationship of sorts.

A flashback and present-day scenes with Faraday’s family, including his “day off” to see his son play a little baseball, came off less forced this week. Faraday’s wife confronting the friend who betrayed him, now named Police Chief by Fleming and ARK was near boil-over, while their song making a new friend was, well, kind of cute.

There was no really teaser-like end, though, just more bit with the Max and the circus. For the most part, “Goggles and Hicks” was a bit hit-and-miss, though engaging enough. Still. it appear THE CAPE is teetering on the edge of cancellation, so there may not be that many episodes left. We’ll see where they take it with possibly limited time left.