HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER “Oh Honey” Season 6 Episode 15 – This week, I am taking over for Amie for this review of How I Met Your Mother and boy, this was quite an episode to review.

First let’s deal with the elephant in the room: Katy Perry (who btw does NOT look like an elephant at all). To be honest, I had mixed feelings with the stunt casting of Katy Perry for this episode. As much as I like her as an artist, I was concerned that her acting abilities wouldn’t be up to snuff. Well, I am glad to say that I was wrong. I think she could have been given funnier lines but all in all, she did a very decent job.

Now let’s jump into the more interesting stuff. This week, the How I Met Your Mother story revolved around Zoe and Ted finally revealing their feelings for each other. As much as Josh Radnor did his usual decent job as ‘good ol’ Ted in Love’, Jennifer Morrison really stole the scene. She was simply EXCELLENT as funny, sensitive and vulnerable Zoe. When she showed Ted that she put 100 ketchup bottles in the fridge, I immediately thought: “Ted, marry this girl…NOW”. She really brought it home.

The phone tree with Marshall and the rest of the gang was funny but was really just a build up to the final moment between Zoe and Ted and man, what a moment. This was surely one of the best HIMYM scenes of the year.

For a little while now, I felt How I Met Your Mother was getting stale but these last few episodes are proving refreshing as we are finally getting the feeling that there is a resolution in sight. Barney will surely meet his dad; Lily and Marshall will have the kids that they always wanted; Ted is going to meet the love of his life. The only unknown is Robin but I am sure that we will have a satisfying resolution there as well.

What did you think of this latest episode of How I Met Your Mother “Oh Honey”? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.