BEING HUMAN “Wouldn’t It Be Nice (If We Were Human)” Review

Being Human (SyFy) Wouldn't It Be Nice (If We Were Human)

BEING HUMAN “Wouldn’t It Be Nice (If We Were Human)” Episode 4 – The monster is there in side of us if we all look deep enough. The thought that starts this week’s BEING HUMAN seems to be the one that is haunting Josh, driving him closer to the edge at the beginning of this week episode “Wouldn’t It Be Nice (If We Were Human?)”. The roommates are all a little troubled, Sally’s ex is hanging out with her best friend, Josh has a new friend, or maybe stalker, named Ray. And Rebecca is back and she is really, really bad news.

Why can’t being normal, or the attempt, just be easy for these three?

Josh’s new friend Ray, sets out to teach him the safe way to be a werewolf. Of course starting it off with a crack about not mixing with vampires. After resisting Ray’s offer, Josh finally agrees and the two begin to form a friendship, Ray moves into the apartment and things get a little uncomfortable. Sally likes Ray, but Ray is less than taken with Aidan, especially since Aidan and Rebecca are sharing a little quality time. Oh yeah, and Ray is a bit of a racist when it comes to vampires.

And here we come to the question of who is a monster and what makes them a monster. It is the underlying theme of Being Human, but each week, it is a fresh look and a fresh approach. Ray is the vehicle used to move the story along, and his presence touches each of the roommates in what, at first, seems positive, but then a deeply dark and negative way. With each of them, the question of “Am I a monster?” is a key point and each must face the answer in the episode with varying results.

The most successful is Sally, who, after interfering with her ex, finally decides to let go and give her best friend her blessing to pursue a relationship with Danny. She even asks Aiden at one point is she is a monster for interfering, an acknowledgment that she is growing and is most definitely not a monster. Aidan, too, after a fall, finds himself again and fights towards normal, towards beating back the monster in himself.

It is my poor Josh that the question lies most heavily upon in this week’s episode, and who is being lead further from human into the deep darkness of what it truly is to be a monster. Through the guise of “helping” Josh understand his wolf side, Ray is taking him down a path I am not sure he can easily find his way back from. The very brief moment of humor, when Josh attempted to pick up a date in the very crass and cold method his friend had taught him showed, for me at least, just how far down that path Josh has already strayed. When, at the end, they attacked a group of vampires leaving a club after feeding, Josh at first reluctant, but then diving in with gusto, my heart nearly broke.

Being Human is just getting better and better and “Wouldn’t It Be Nice (If We Were Human?)” was the best yet. I am so deeply invested in these characters, I want to scream at them when they make a mistake and hug them when they hurt. It’s a very rare occurrence for a show to pull me in this deep this fast, but I’m gone. Being Human is one of the best things on TV. So, here is what we need to do, convince at least one of our friends to join us Being Human every week so this show will go on forever. Is it next week yet?

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