90210 “All About a Boy” Review

90210 "All About a Boy"

90210 “All About a Boy” Season 3 Episode 14 – As the title suggests, this week’s episode of 90210 was all about a boy, namely Teddy. For those of you that missed Teddy and Ian last week, I am sure you were pleasantly surprised this week. Although I have been waiting what seems like forever for Teddy to come out, it seemed to happen rather quickly this week. Perhaps it was the love and support that he immediately received from Silver once she realized the truth. Naturally, Ian would be the one to break the ice and make a joke to lighten the mood. Add in a bit of high Ivy and plenty of laughs abound.

While I like the way the Teddy coming out storyline was handled, I was extremely disappointed in the plot involving Ian pretending to blackmail Teddy in order to get him to come out to his friends sooner. He is right. It was immature and wrong and not at all in character with the Ian we know from the moment he entered the 90210 scene. Further, it resulted in the end of what was one of my favorite relationships before it got a chance to really get started. Although I have heard there is another relationship coming down the line, I really liked Ian.

Aside from Teddy’s story, there were a few other subplots. First, Naomi got duped yet again. Did anyone not see that the yoga guru lady was just conning Naomi? Even as I began to wonder when Naomi would clue in, she was on top of it. Now if only she could get her land back. Annie once again falls for the “aw shucks” facade that cousin Emily throws her way even while Emily sabotages her audition and steals the part for herself. Will that be enough for Annie to realize she is evil? Also, why is she going to school with them? I thought she was just here for a visit.

Finally, this Adrianna and Navid storyline has to end. He almost breaks up with her and then she has some sort of odd little crisis that makes him wait. Even after he breaks up with her, she tries to seduce him and then runs to Silver to cry about Navid possibly cheating on her. What do you think will happen once Ade finds out that it was Silver all along?

A 90210 episode would not be complete without a few quotes. My favorites this week both come courtesy of Naomi. First we have “Namaste bitches” that I swear I am going to incorporate into my work day tomorrow and then we have “Oh my gay” upon seeing Teddy and Ian entering the room hand in hand. Way to keep it classy Naomi.

What did you think of this week’s episode of 90210? What is your favoite storyline? Which one could you do without? Tell us in the comment section below.

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