STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS “Altar of Mortis” Review


STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS “Altar of Mortis” Season 3 Episode 16 – “Altar of Mortis” is the middle episode of a three episode arc taking place on Mortis that starts of with Obi-Wan, Ahsoka and Anakin attempting to leave the planet.

Anakin must have been so exhausted by everything in the last episode that he immediately decides to take a nap as soon as soon as he’s back on the ship. If I had just encountered Force Wielders on a strange planet inside a strange spaceship who seemed to know a little too much about me, not to mention, kidnapping my closest companions, I’d be a little too wired for a nap, but that’s just me. Anyway, as he’s napping, he has a dream influenced by the Son, that invites Anakin to join him in restoring balance to the universe, not by joining the Sith, but rather by destroying both the Sith and the Jedi.

Within the dream the Son shows exasperation with Anakin’s understanding of the Force within the parameters of Sith and Jedi and implies that there’s a larger picture that Anakin doesn’t yet see. As the episode progresses more is revealed as to what these Force Wielders are and what they mean to the universe. The balance of the Force has a direct effect on them an in turn the Force appears to be affected by their balance in some way as well. The Father, Daughter and Son don’t see the Light or Dark side of the Force in the same way our protagonists do. Whether or not Anakin is a Jedi or a Sith is of no consequence to them. It’s as if maybe there are three options for Anakin in fulfilling his destiny at this point. He can choose the Father’s methods, walking down the middle not allowing either good or evil to have too much influence, or he choose the Son’s dark methods of destruction, and maybe even the Daughter’s light methods of restoration since all three of these methods might have the possible outcome of bringing that balance. Or maybe that’s just my reading into things and these are only a bunch of weird creatures who really have a thing for Anakin.

After their ship crashes, Ahsoka is imprisoned and bitten by a weird little thing that – no big surprise – turns out out to be the Son turning her to the dark side. Ahsoka is funny when she’s evil and the battle between her and Anakin was pretty good too. Obi-Wan was mostly clueless in this episode which is annoying. He makes a rookie mistake in throwing the dagger from the Altar of Mortis in a way that Ahsoka can intercept it and then hand it over to the Son for him to murder his father. The daughter intercepts the stabbing and the Son immediately cries out in agony although I’m not entirely sure why. Would he have done the same the moment he stabbed his father? Or does he just have a soft spot for his sister?

As the Daughter and Ahsoka are both lying on the floor near death, Anakin starts asking the Father if there’s anything that he can do to save Ahsoka. It seemed like a little bit of an insensitive question to ask the Father right after his Daughter was stabbed trying to save him, but no one else seemed bothered by it – in fact, the Daughter used her final life strength to restore Ahsoka to life.

This definitely felt like a middle episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. We still don’t know what this planet is, why it’s in a spaceship and what exactly these Force wielders are so this was not a bad transition into the final episode where hopefully we’ll get all the answers to all our still open questions.