SHAMELESS “Three Boys” Review

SHAMELESS "Three Boys"

SHAMELESS “Three Boys” Season 1 Episode 5 –The Gallaghers help Veronica and Kevin stage a wedding of sorts to get Veronica an inheritance from her father in the “Three Boys” episode of SHAMELESS. Meanwhile, Ian gets an uncomfortable reminder that Kash is married and Frank learns he should only have two-not three- testicles.

For all their bickering and flakiness, Veronica and Kev are one of the most stable couples on TV. They love each other; they’re certainly hot for each other, and they find a way to be there for each other. I’m glad to see them front and center this week as they find a way to get the nest egg set aside by Veronica’s father without getting Kevin arrested for bigamy. Even with the over-the-top antics like the skewering (and beating courtesy of Carl) taken by the Catholic Church and its priestly pedophilia and especially V’s Tourette’s suffering bipolar brother Marty, there is a surprisingly sweet innocence to Veronica wanting to be Kevin’s wife. That the happy couple remains jubilant even after the inheritance is only $500 speaks volumes about their future. They want little tomorrow people. How cute is that?

Frank’s testicular cancer scare gives him reason to be even more self-obsessed than usual and this time he has the added bonus of Sheila obsessing with him. She even offers him Eddie’s cemetery plot. So very romantic and Eddie carrying in his giant cross is the perfect capper to that scene. Public health clinics aren’t done any favors by their portrayal here and Frank is the worst support group member in history. He irks me tonight, mostly because his storyline is so separate from the rest of the action. Frank is best interacting with his family, not whining to all and sundry. Sheila, on the other hand, has never been more heartbreaking. I wish she had anti-anxiety disco biscuits that actually worked. Oh, and on a shallow note, the smash cut from Frank’s ginormous biopsy needle (ouch!) to Sheila’s pincushion is a thing of beauty.

Ian learns that Kash’s life has an odor when he visits his home for the first time (love that) and I’m glad the show is beginning to delve into this complicated relationship. Is Kash taking advantage of Ian? How deep do the feelings on either side run? How much will Ian’s conscience plague him? Kash’s wife Yvonne became one of my favorite characters in the UK Shameless and I’m anxiously awaiting her taking on a bigger role here than the occasional cameo.

The Fiona-Steve dance continues as the things that attract Fiona to Steve-his unpredictability, the danger-also drive her away and toward Tony. She has so far always returned to Steve, but I have to wonder if that will continue to be the case. One great thing about this adaptation is that Emmy Rossum and Justin Chatwin probably have long-term contracts that guarantee Fiona and Steve will be around much longer than they were in the UK Shameless, so there are many possibilities here.

Favorite Lines:

“What, more piss food?” I love the random ways Fiona and the gang manage to survive. Lasagna for drug-free urine-sounds like a fair trade to me.

“Why me?”/ “Because you’re an asshole, Frank.” Truer words were never spoken.

“I thought it would be nice to look my best for the grim reaper. The son of a bitch.”

“It smells like goats in here.” I kind of need to know why.

“I’m the maid of honor at your fake wedding and I didn’t even know you had a brother.”

“You look nice. Where are you pretending to go?” Hee and ouch.

“She said she wants you to give it to her, so just give it to her, already.”

This Shameless episode was a little more disjointed than usual. As much as I loved the Kev-Veronica and Ian-Kash stories, I could have done without the Frank nonsense because it felt obtrusive and distracting. Some of it was still funny, but overall, I think Franks should be used in relation to the family.

What did you think of “Three Boys?” Which couple will be together the longest: Kev/Veronica or Steve/Fiona? Let me know in the comments.

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