PRIMEVAL Series 4 Episode 7 Review

Primeval 4.07

PRIMEVAL Series 4 Episode 7 – This week is the finale of series 4 (never fear, series 5 will be airing later this year). We, surprisingly, get a conclusion to the Ethan storyline, something that has been pottering along but never quite hit its climax. I’ll admit, I was more than a little surprised that he wasn’t going to be a factor in series 5. His existance seemed like something major.

But it turns out Ethan is ‘Patrick’, Danny’s brother who went missing 18 years ago, as seen in episode 3.01. He’s spent nigh on 20 years travelling through anomalies and being all angsty because his big brother didn’t come to rescue him. Clearly facing off with creatures in the past and present is a major mindfrak because why else would Patrick be so irrational? What exactly was Danny supposed to do? It’s a wonder he ever found out about the anomalies at all.

It was good to see Danny again, even if he highlighted what a dull leading man Matt’s turning out to be. Danny being tasered as he came home was hilarious – Connor echoed my exact thoughts in that scene – as was him having a stick named Molly. Poor Danny. On the bright side, his clothes fared very well after an entire year of running, hunting and gathering.

Being Danny’s demented little brother took Ethan/Patrick out of the running as prime suspect for ‘the event’ that happens with the anomalies. This leaves Matt without any suspects. Most viewers, however, have probably spent the last seven weeks thinking ‘that Philip Burton guy is seriously shady’ and so it’s no surprise when we learn that he has a connection to Helen Cutter, a fact Danny passes on to Matt before he leaves to chase after Patrick through the anomaly.

Connor works out what’s going on with the anomalies – kind of – and is taken away by Philip to his doom. Or to his other office, I’m not entirely sure. I’d be really interested to hear a physicists take on the anomalies and see whether the science stands up. There was something about anomalies being able to fuse while repelling and thereby creating satellite anomalies, and eventually they will grow exponentially to the point where– Something happens, Connor’s not sure what. Whatever it is, it leaves the future looking pretty bleak.

Speaking of, not only was Gideon – Matt’s father – from the future, but it seems Matt himself is too. He was sent back to stop the man who caused the event which sent the anomalies all screwy and destroyed the future, leaving mankind to live underground.

All of this is pretty interesting and made for a compelling episode. We’re left with a big mystery and peril, and Becker possibly being dead. (He’s more than likely unconscious, but the camera lingered on his prone form just long enough for it to be worrying.) Emily’s gone back to her time (what will she do with the knowledge of all she’s seen and done?), Danny’s chasing his brother back in the Pliocene (without so much as a shower or change of clothes), and Matt’s left out of time – no family, no real friends, and the knowledge that Philip Burton is going to destroy the world as we know it.

But (of course!) I have a few issues with all of this. Firstly, did we really just spent an entire 7 episode series on misdirection? Why did Matt suspect Ethan/Patrick in the first place? Wouldn’t there be evidence of Philip Burton/Prospero’s involvement that Matt and co could have found in the future? If not, if there was a good reason to suspect Ethan/Patrick that we have not yet learned, does that mean he’ll be coming back to stir up trouble in future series?

In summary: a solid, entertaining series finale – even if the previous six episodes were wasted on a non-existant plot arc.

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