GENERATOR REX “Rampage” Review

Generator Rex - Cartoon Network

GENERATOR REX “Rampage” Episode 22 – The second season of Generator Rex starts off with a quick recap of the events of the first season, explaining how all the powers in the series work as well as covering the current status of Rex’s still developing abilities and the reconstruction of Providence. For anyone watching Generator Rex for the first time, it lets you jump right into the second season without feeling lost or wasting any time.

While Rex’s home base is under construction, he and Bobo are couch surfing with his friend, Noah. Rex sitting on the couch fully engrossed in Telenovas is such a great little touch to his character and I love the banter between Noah and Rex as well as Noah’s reaction to the totally disgusting accidental ingestion of a Bobo toenail.

Van Kleiss returns early on in the episode for a battle with Rex which ends in Noah becoming a giant slobbering EVO, so Rex now has to focus all his energy on returning Noah to normal before Providence decides to take his friend out with pure brute force. This mostly makes for fun chase scenes and the fast paced display of some of the cool abilities Rex has been working on as well as some of Six’s skilled moves.

The comedic writing for this show is really strong – I love that there’s no shortage of comedy no matter how intense the battle is getting. It keeps the pace of the show lively and even when things are getting serious and Rex doesn’t doesn’t have a smart-mouth line to deliver, the Generator Rex universe steps in and sends in comedy of it’s own. Tonight we got an oblivious complaining old lady and a speeding subway train to keep the levity up. Van Kleiss going splat on the front of the subway train was just hilarious but of course it didn’t affect that Van Kleiss is the villain with the upper hand because not a moment later, he’s back to his ominous self.

Once Rex gets his biometrics back up and running, he’s able to fix Noah but not in time to give Van Kleiss the butt-kicking he deserves. Van Kleiss reveals that the entire night was simply a ruse to lower the security around a power core for Breach to snag it and we’re back to Breach making it impossible for Providence to keep track of their antagonists.

Even if the bad guy does escape again in the end, it’s no question that this episode of Generator Rex was a totally fun ride. Eventually Van Kleiss is going to have to reveal his malicious goals for this season and I’m hoping that whatever it is, it will facilitate the character backgrounds to be developed more on both sides of the good guys versus bad guys fence. There’s already great writing here and a lot of fun action, the only thing that’s missing are those fully developed multi-dimensional characters that would make this show absolutely top notch.