YOUNG JUSTICE “Schooled” Review


YOUNG JUSTICE Season 1 Episode 5 “Schooled” – Superboy has anger issues. We’ve seen it since the start of YOUNG JUSTICE. And in “Schooled,” he comes to a turning point.

The clone of Superman thinks he doesn’t need combat training from Black Canary because he has powers. Meanwhile it’s more than just short cameos this week from Superman, Batman, Green Arrow, Red Tornado, Martian Manhunter and Captain Atom, and Canary, plus Amazo, the android who can duplicate he powers of the league, created by the squirrely-in-this-portrayal Professor Ivo. Amazo’s look is right out of years of DC comics, rather than the Justice League animated series version.

The Justice League has taken the android apart and the Young Justice team splits up to protect the trucks. Only Ivo’s truly annoying and cackling armored monkey-like robots overwhelm them. Superman goes rogue, but leave it to Robin to reverse track Ivo’s moves through one of the robot monkeys.

The episode title takes on multiple meanings as Superboy tries to take on Amazo by himself – in a school in fact where he was punched and hurled – and of course doesn’t really stand a chance. Then the rest of the team shows to run interference. When Superboy goes ballastic, Ivo looks scared, but it’s also his way to take out Amazo. Seems our clone boy is learning.

Other fine short moments included Superman scolding Superboy during a collapsing bridge rescue at the start of the show and also Bruce and Clark meeting in a diner to talk about Superboy and Clark is kind of jerky about it all, when you’d think he’d want to take him under his wing. So much for the big blue boy scout.

And then there was the ending where the team finds an arrow and thinks its Green Arrow’s, keeping an eye on them and then assume it’s Speedy. But Artemis is waiting in the wings. When will she show up? No way to know. “Schooled” was another great episode of Young Justice.

Young Justice is so true to the DC Universe and tone of the characters it’s been nailing it week after week. We definitely have a winner here.