SUPERNATURAL “Like a Virgin” Review


SUPERNATURAL “Like a Virgin” Season 6 Episode 12 – Alright Samgirls and Samboys, I know I’ve been saying all along that I was totally okay with Soulless Sam. In fact I was getting a huge kick out of Soulless Sam with his Soulless Ways, Soulless Badassery and Soulless Humor. I was even a smidge disappointed when they put his soul back in so soon as I thought it would happen later in the season.

All that being said though, I was so freaking happy to see Sam back in this episode! Don’t even get me started on the brother hug because I’ll just end up squeeing and flailing and.. well, it’s not a pretty sight.

After all this time, I had almost forgotten what it was like to have the kindler, gentler version of the younger Winchester around and after just a few minutes, I wanted to give him a big welcome home hug myself. At first I thought maybe it would be easier if they just told Sam I thought if that happened, he’d be scratching at the wall so imagine my shock when he got the truth out of Cas so fast. I love that his first instinct was to feel bad about what he did, not anger at being lied to. Yep, that’s our Sammy alright.

Overall the return of Sam made this episode feel more like old time and yes I loved it. But I liked the other stuff too. Basically if the boys are onscreen I’m happy. What that says about me, I don’t know, but it’s true.

And after thinking for the better part of the season that Crowley was going to turn out to the new baddie, turns out there’s a new chick on the block and her name is the Mother of All. Oh boy, I can’t wait to see where this story goes.

My favorite bits…

“Back in the Saddle Again” by Aerosmith may have just become my new favorite opening montage song.

Cringing at Cas’ description of what Sam’s soul felt like and him telling Dean that if he’d wanted to kill Sam, he should’ve done it outright.

BrotherHug! BrotherHug! BrotherHug! BrotherHug!

Dean asking Bobby why the “poop face.” LOL! That’s a great one.

Bobby saying that he was having a hard time looking at Sam. I understand but .. *sadface*

Thinking Sam had a point when he said that Dean hadn’t sat around after his return from downstairs, so why should he?

Sam’s remark that Dean was “exactly the same” kinda surprising me as I thought he’d be able to spot the difference in his brother. I guess he hasn’t been around him long enough or has Dean just been back for so long that the softer side of him has faded and I’m too jaded to notice?

Dean telling Sam that he was with Lisa and Ben for a year. Yay! I was so afraid he was going to try and hide that.

Dean’s look when Sam did his usual touchy-feely bit with a grieving family member. Yay! Old Sammy is back.

Dean asking if “baking cookies for the Lord” was code. Ha!

Finding Dean’s reading of the diary not so much creepy as freaking hilarious.

Wondering just how many virgins out there cried when Dean said he preferred ladies with experience. Aw.

Dean figuring out the chick was already de-hymenated.

This line: “You know, it’s comforting. I die for a year, I come back and you’re still not funny.”

Bobby saying that unlike the Lochness Monster, dragons weren’t real.

Bobby asking if he should call Hogwarts to research dragons. Wait… can he do that???

Finding out that the dragons can take on human form. Interesting.

Laughing so hard at all of Dean’s comical attempts to pull the sword out of the stone. The uber-dramtic music playing in the background was the best part.

Feeling so bad for Bobby during that phone call with Sam. Ugh, seeing a rift between those two is almost harder than seeing one between the brothers. *more sadface*

Cas going to hug Sam but both agreeing that would be awkward. NOOOO!! Alright that’s it, I’m gonna start tweeting #wewantasamcashug … what? It worked before, didn’t it?

Dean using C4 on the stone. Now there’s something I’m sure the ancient knights never tried.

The look on Dean’s face when he realized he’d broken the sword. Oopsie.

Dean stuffing some of the gold in his pocket before following Sam. What? Like he was supposed to pass up a chance like that?

Dean saying he got the sword from Comic Con!! ROTFLMAO! You know, I always wonder what those guys are up to in the green room before they come out on stage.

Sam killing the dragon. Yay for Hero! Sam!

Sam apologizing to Dean. If that doesn’t prove he’s got his soul back, nothing else would. Here I thought he’d fly off in a rage about being lied to and instead he’s apologizing to his brother and wanting to fix all the bad things he did. I heart him so much. *hugs Sam with her mind*

Dean immediately going for a drink after hearing that the dragons were opening the door to Purgatory and wanting one of my own when I saw the dragons actually doing it. Uh oh..

What did you think of this episode of Supernatural? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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