SMALLVILLE “Collateral” Review

Smallville "Collateral" CW

SMALLVILLE “Collateral” Season 10 Episode 12 – Smallville has finally returned for the last leg of its lifespan (sniff) with an emotionally captivating and action packed episode, marking the return of Chloe.

The plot was derived from The Matix but instead of coming across as the dead end result of a writing block, it made complete sense. If you saw this episode before watching The Matrix you might even think the movie’s premise was influenced by this episode. This is because it did not jump the shark: it made perfect sense for the VRA to want full control over the superheroes’ powers and thus their loyalty.

When a show is inspired by (or, when executed poorly, rips off) from an iconic movie, in this case The Matrix, there are two ways they generally go about acknowledging their source material. Either they don’t, at all, and try to pass it off as a real original. Sometimes this works, sometimes, particularly if it is executed poorly, it leads to griping and gives the entire episode a weird, phony air. Or they give sly winks to the knowing audience. I was happy that in this case the latter technique was utilized: I especially loved it when Chloe stopped the dagger midair. Clark’s flying take off was a little too in your face for my liking, but Chloe’s smirk as she stopped the dagger was a great little touch.

We’re so used to seeing Clark as the hero, the guy who always gets it right where trusting his friends are concerned, that it was refreshing when he becomes the only one who needs to be convinced to have faith in Chloe. It reaffirmed their friendship after such a long time apart, just as Oliver’s almost immediate leap of faith reaffirmed their love.

The action scenes with the virtual Chloe were very well done; I’m such a huge fan of action scenes scored by drums that I rewound it twice. The only thing I got a little annoyed with was all of the pop culture references: The Truman Show, Alice in Wonderland, Chloe In The Sky With Diamonds, Dorothy and Kansas (that latter is one I think should be made illegal to use any more) and more were all spouted off in the space of five minutes; so many references are distracting.

Overall I really enjoyed the episode. I was initially sceptical when it became clear that they were indeed using The Matrix as a blueprint, but ultimately I thought they really pulled it off.

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